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“Please... Not my precious water again...”
Gobi, Banjo-Tooie

Gobi is a recurring character in the Banjo-Kazooie series.


Gobi is a camel who dislikes Banjo and Kazooie, especially for using his painstakingly collected water. Gobi's name might have been derived from the Gobi Desert, a real world location in Mongolia and China.


In Banjo-Kazooie, Gobi is the titular character of the world Gobi's Valley. When Banjo and Kazooie first meet Gobi, they find him tied to a boulder, complaining about the heat. When Banjo and Kazooie free Gobi, they receive a Jiggy, and Gobi runs off to rest next to Trunker. Gobi refuses to share his water with Trunker, so Banjo and Kazooie must use Beak Buster on Gobi's back, forcing him to spit out water to Trunker. After this, Gobi moves into the alcove near Jinxy. When Banjo and Kazooie use Beak Buster on Gobi's back again, he coughs up an Empty Honeycomb Piece. Gobi angrily decides to leave the world.

Gobi is later found in Click Clock Wood, where he conveniently turns up under a large flower that needs watering. Banjo and Kazooie use Beak Buster on Gobi again to water the flower. Gobi announces that he is leaving to the "lava world," where Banjo cannot find him. This is a reference to a lava world that was planned during development for Banjo-Kazooie, but was later scrapped and incorporated into Banjo-Tooie as Hailfire Peaks.

An oddity is that is still possible for Gobi to appear in Gobi's Valley or Click Clock Wood, even if he has already left for the next area.


In Banjo-Tooie, Banjo and Kazooie first find Gobi locked in a cage in Witchyworld's Cave of Horrors exhibit. Gobi has grown a long beard, and thus his cage names him the "Ancient Bearded Camel." If Banjo visits Gobi alone, Gobi reveals that the beard was put on him as an attempt to boost his popularity, but to no avail. To release Gobi, Banjo and Kazooie must shoot a Grenade Egg at Gobi's cage. After this, Gobi runs off to the "lava world," Hailfire Peaks.

When the player enters Hailfire Peaks for the first time, a cutscene is shown of Gobi running along a ledge leading into the Lava Side's Train Station. If Gobi has not yet been freed from Witchyworld, this cutscene is not shown. After running into the Train Station, Gobi stops to rest on a ledge just above the train tracks. Banjo and Kazooie must first call Chuffy to the station, and then pound on Gobi's back once more, causing his water to be released into Chuffy's boiler and thus allowing Chuffy to safely travel to the Ice Side of Hailfire Peaks. After this, Gobi remains stationary on the ledge for the remainder of the game.


In Banjo-Pilot, Gobi appears as an obstacle in the Gobi's Valley track.

Nuts & Bolts[edit]

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, the L.O.G. Gobi and the L.O.G. Aqua Gobi are both pre-made vehicles referencing Gobi that are featured in Act 5 of Banjoland, in the challenges "Checkpoint Charlies" and "Land, Sea, Not Air," respectively.


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴビ