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Humba Wumba

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“Not true. Mumbo amateur. Wumba best. You bring Glowbo magic creatures here!”
Humba Wumba, Banjo-Tooie

Humba Wumba is an Indian[1] sha-woman and one of the main supporting characters in the Banjo-Kazooie series. She is the rival of Mumbo Jumbo and "is determined to expose the shaman for the amateur he really is."[2]



In Banjo-Tooie, Banjo and Kazooie can find Humba Wumba in a Wumba's Wigwam in every world. She takes over Mumbo Jumbo's role from the first game, which is to transform Banjo and Kazooie into a certain creature or object for each world, allowing them to complete various tasks. Humba Wumba is first seen in Mayahem Temple, where she introduces herself as the "greatest shaman in all game." Banjo mentions that he and Kazooie have heard that Mumbo was the best, a claim which Humba vehemently opposed. If Mumbo Jumbo enters Wumba's Wigwam, she demands him to leave.

Before Banjo and Kazooie can be transformed, they must throw a Glowbo into a pink magic pool and then walk into it. They can change back to normal by walking into the pool again. Humba Wumba turns Banjo and Kazooie into the following:

Lastly, when Banjo and Kazooie collect a Mega Glowbo, they can take it to Wumba's Wigwam in the Isle O' Hags, where Humba Wumba then transforms Kazooie into a dragon.

In the final sequence, after missing out on a celebration party along with Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo and Jamjars, she gets into an argument with Mumbo and threatens to turn him into a frog. When Banjo and Kazooie invite them to play a game of kickball with Gruntilda's head, she and Mumbo appear to bury the hatchet and declare a truce.


In Banjo-Pilot, Humba Wumba is a playable character, being unlocked by completing Jiggy Cup and giving 100 Cheato Pages to Cheato. She has low top speed but high handling and acceleration. Humba Wumba is the boss of Jiggy Cup, being fought at the end in the match "Humba Horror." During the battle, when Humba Wumba is flying in front, she sends behind energy spheres that work like Single Blue Ice Eggs.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[edit]

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Humba Wumba reappears, although not using magic anymore. In Showdown Town, she sells blueprints to Banjo and Kazooie to get money for her "magic recession fund."

In Nutty Acres, Humba Wumba plays "Mumbo's Long-suffering Wife." In Act 2, she hosts the challenge "Great Balls of Fire," where she asks for Banjo to cool down some fireballs by pushing them into the water, as their smoke is suffocating the coconuts. In Act 5, she hosts the challenge "Old Dog, New Tricks," where she warns Banjo and Kazooie about Mr. Patch's return and asks for them to defeat him. In Act 6, she hosts the challenge "Nuts to Go," where the duo needs to take some coconuts to Mumbo so they can get approved for shipping, then take them to the docks.

In LOGBOX 720, Humba Wumba plays "The Gutsy Girl Gamer." In Act 2, she hosts the challenge "Chips Away," where Banjo and Kazooie need to race some of the console's staff. In Act 4, she hosts the challenge "Red Bear Racing," where the duo needs to win and air race against her. In Act 5, she hosts the challenge "Unstable Hardware," where she needs Banjo to race in a course where all checkpoints are airborn due to a problem caused by Klungo. In Act 6, she hosts the challenge "Lap Happy," another race with some of the employees.

In Terrarium of Terror, Humba Wumba plays "The Mooning Conservationist." Acts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In Act 1, she hosts the challenge "Bear's Eye View," where she needs her "customized plant-friendly" vehicle to be taken to a specific area so Kazooie can observe a flower and help Humba plan out her next expedition. In Act 2, she hosts the challenge "Intergalactic Binman," where the "1980s space junk" Gruntilda dumped in the terrarium needs to be ejected through the airlock. In Act 4, she hosts the challenge "No-armed Bandits," where the Ball Brothers from a previous Jiggy game hosted by Captain Blubber return to cause trouble in the terrarium again.

In L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges, Humba Wumba plays "The Feisty Femme Fatale." In Act 1, she hosts the challenge "Ben Hurdle," where the L.O.G. Trusty Steed needs to be used to jump over hurdles while dodging the carboard pedestrians.

In the ending, Humba Wumba is among the characters at Banjo's House, where she congratulates Banjo and Kazooie for getting ownership of Spiral Mountain.

Profiles and statistics[edit]


  • Manual profile: "The Isle o' Hags resident magic person, Humba Wumba understandably takes none too kindly to the intrusion of Mumbo Jumbo and his supposed reputation. She, too, has the ability to transform subjects into other forms, and is determined to expose the shaman for the amateur he really is should this bear and bird she keeps hearing about turn up at her wigwam for help."


  • Top Speed: 1/5
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Handling: 5/5
  • Manual profile: "Mumbo Jumbo's shamanic rival, now given a chance to prove her superiority in an entirely different area."

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[edit]

  • Manual profile: "Humba Wumba has established a lucrative shop in Showdown Town's Lucrative Shop District selling parts and blueprints."



  • While not appearing in Banjo-Kazooie herself, Humba Wumba is mentioned by Gruntilda as a incorrect answer in one of the questions of Grunty's Furnace Fun.
  • In the Volume 134 of Nintendo Power, there is a pre-release screenshot of Banjo-Tooie in which Humba Wumba is wearing a red dress. A Mumbo Token symbol is found at the bottom-right of the same picture, suggesting that Humba Wumba would have originally accepted Mumbo Tokens instead of Glowbos. The same picture can be seen in the Workers' Quarters of Grunty Industries but without the Mumbo Token or dialogue icon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Humba Wumba -
Japanese フンバ・ウンバ -
Spanish Humba Wumba -


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