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“A washing machine! Can you give my overalls a quick spin?”
Skivvy, Banjo-Tooie

Skivvies, alternatively spelled Skivies[1], are gray rabbits who work in Grunty Industries. Their name is a pun on the fact that "skivvy" can mean both "underwear" and "someone who does menial household tasks."



In Banjo-Tooie, six Skivvies can be found throughout different sections of Grunty Industries. Due to having worked so much, their overalls are dirty and need to be washed by Washer Banjo. Once every Skivvy has had its clothing cleaned, they reward Banjo with a Jiggy.

There are two Skivvies in the first floor, one in the Worker's Quarters and the other near the Trash Compactor, one in the second floor near the Electromagnetic Chamber, one in the third floor in the Boiler Plant's coal storage, one in the fifth floor inside the warehouse and one outside behind the factory. An Informational Signpost with the locations of each Skivvy can be found in one of the Worker's Quarters' rooms.


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