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Jolly Roger's Lagoon

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“Oh, hello there! I'm Jolly Roger, town mayor and proprietor of this lovely harborside inn.”
Jolly Roger, Banjo-Tooie

Jolly Roger's Lagoon is a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Jolly Roger's Lagoon is the fourth world of Banjo-Tooie. It is a seaside town that, according to the signpost just outside, is a famous tourist resort and is "fun for all the family." As one would expect, the town overlooks a large, deep-looking lagoon. The town proprietor, Jolly Roger, also runs the local inn, and Captain Blubber, back from the previous game, runs a store that rents waveracers out to tourists. Other points of interest around town include Pawno's Emporium, a small gift shop, Turtle View Cave, where sightseers can see Tiptup and Tiptup Jr., and a heavily-polluted communal pool located beside Jolly's.

However, the real treasure lies underneath: the lagoon contains an ancient, sunken city known as Atlantis. It's so full of water that Banjo and Kazooie won't be able to explore it all normally and will likely drown trying; hence Mumbo's spell for this level, Sunlight. With this spell, the water becomes "oxygenated", and Banjo and Kazooie can have unlimited air without needing the Honeyking cheat, a "forbidden" cheat in the Xbox Live Arcade version.

The entrance to Jolly Roger's Lagoon is a closed gate found on a lone peak on the Isle o' Hags' Cliff Top.




  1. Pawno's Sale: Scrounge up 20 Doubloons and buy the Jiggy in Pawno's shop.
  2. Protect Chris P. Bacon: At the Atlantis town center, there's a giant temple gated off by a "password" of some six-letter combination of four unique Greek letters: sigma (Σ), delta (Δ), pi (π) and omega (Ω). To enter the combination, Kazooie must shoot eggs at urns held by stone mermaid statues that have the same four letters on them. The password changes with each new save file. This opens the Temple of the Fishes. Once inside, they meet Chris P. Bacon, who wants to use his Game Boy Camera to take pictures of the images on the walls. Unfortunately, some hungry fish want to take a bite of Chris. The pair must protect him from the chomping critters for 60 seconds to earn his Jiggy prize. If he is chomped even once, Banjo and Kazooie fail the challenge.
  3. Inside a Seemee: There are five Seemees scattered throughout the level. One of them has a Jiggy. Exactly which one changes with each new save file; either way, Kazooie must use a Talon Torpedo to get the Jiggy.
  4. The UFO: A UFO has fallen into the lagoon, and it can't get out unless Banjo and Kazooie shoot Ice Eggs into all four power crystals within 20 seconds. The Jiggy is underneath this ship. This will not be the last the bear and bird see of these aliens, as they are involved with a Jiggy in Hailfire Peaks.
  5. Merry Maggie's Mayhem: Jolly claims to have lost his "partner", Merry Maggie Malpass, while she was riding one of Blubber's Waveracers. At the bottom of the Atlantis area, Banjo and Kazooie can find a cave with a big orange fish in it; shooting this fish's teeth off with Eggs and going into the fish reveals that it swallowed Maggie. Maggie walks out when Banjo and Kazooie tell her that the fish's mouth is open, but to get the Jiggy, they'll need to go back to Jolly's.
  6. Sub Shootout: In the locker area, there's an entrance to another area that only Submarine Banjo can enter, the water pressure being far too high for Banjo to take normally. Banjo has 60 seconds to shoot down 60 points worth of recolored Shrapnels in order to get this Jiggy.
  7. Lord Woo Fak Fak: One locker in the lockers area (it changes each time a new save is started) is marked "D. Jones". Literally, it's Davy Jones's locker. Kazooie must use a Grenade Egg to blow the door off, or Submarine Banjo must use a torpedo. Lord Woo Fak Fak awaits inside. To defeat him, Kazooie/Sub Banjo must shoot Grenade Eggs/torpedoes at the yellow flashing boils on his body. Once this is done, he will open his eyes and start targeting Banjo, but this will just make him an easier target: shooting his eyes six times defeats him and earns Banjo this Jiggy.
  8. Tiptup's Family Matters: Firing a Grenade Egg at a wall in Mumbo's Skull reveals a secret passage, where Tiptup is desperately waiting for his overdue son to hatch. Kazooie, by herself, will need to use her Hatch skill to hatch the egg when it becomes obvious Tiptup can't wait any longer. However, his son hatches upside down. A Wing Whack will help Tiptup's son get back up.
  9. Inside the Smugglers' Cavern: A "secret" cavern, accessible from a secret way into Jolly's accessed by shooting a TNT barrel with a Grenade Egg, holds this Jiggy. The intended way to get the Jiggy is to wait until Kazooie has learned the Glide skill from Hailfire Peaks and glide to the Jiggy; however, many fans have found other methods over the years.
  10. Pooling Resources: A somewhat complicated Jiggy involving a pool that two pigs want to swim in, one of whom developed a third arm from the pollution. The pool is polluted and too cold. Shutting off the pollution can be done by entering the pipe (which is somehow part of the Waste Disposal Plant of Grunty Industries) and pressing a switch; however, to warm the water, Banjo must first go to Cloud Cuckooland and nudge George Ice Cube off of a perch. This will send him towards a pool of superheated water on the lava side of Hailfire Peaks, which he will cool down. Banjo, by himself, must then go to that pool and push a switch to send the warmer water to the pigs. If he tries to send the water without cooling it first (tempting, given that the Shack Pack allows him to do this), the pigs will say that the water is too hot.

Jamjars Locations[edit]

  • Wing Whack: In an alcove next to Captain Blubber's shop (Kazooie Only).
  • Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming: Inside Jolly's, in a room that costs two doubloons (or Kazooie can use Grenade Eggs to blow the door off).
  • Talon Torpedo: In the Electric Eel's Lair.


  • At Pawno's Shop, up in the rafters, next to a doll of Grunty.
  • Under the tall rock Wumba's Wigwam is on top of.


  • In the rafters of Blubber's shop, accessible via Shock Spring Pad behind the counter.
  • Buy Blubber's "last possession" for one doubloon, a pair of Turbo Trainers, and use them to reach this Jinjo at the back of the lagoon.
  • Inside a treasure chest in the Sunken Ship, which conveniently has a Jinjo head picture on it.
  • On a column in the Seaweed Sanctum.
  • Inside the Big Fish, in the room that Merry Maggie isn't in.

Empty Honeycombs[edit]

  • Inside another Seemee.
  • Use the Bill Drill on a patch of uneven ground near Jolly's; inside should be a Shock Jump Pad. Use it to get on the roof of Jolly's (use the Talon Trot as soon as you get up there), then go to the chimney, which should have another Shock Jump Pad. Use to get to a ledge and go along it until you are above a pipe, which should have the Empty Honeycomb on it, and drop down.
  • In a small alcove in the Atlantis town center, to the right of the fish temple.

Cheato Pages[edit]

  • After getting Pawno's Jiggy, he'll offer this page for five doubloons.
  • Inside yet another Seemee fish.
  • The only thing of note inside the Ancient Swimming Baths room. It's preferred that Kazooie know the Glide and Leg Spring moves to get this Cheato Page; however, the Pack Whack jump trick and Clockwork Kazooie Eggs will also work.


  • Gamer Pic (Jiggy) Collect all the Doubloons in town.
  • Treble Clef Guarded by a Blubbul.





  • Glitter Gulch Mine, via a pipeline in a sunken ship. (This helps you get a Jinjo.)
  • Grunty Industries, via a waste disposal pipe (This helps you get a Jinjo. The Waste Disposal Plant, however, is only accessible through this entrance. You can't access any other areas of Grunty Industries, nor can you get in here from Grunty Industries.)





Language Name Meaning
French Lagon de Joyeux Roger Jolly Roger's Lagoon
German Jolly Rogers Lagune Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Italian Laguna di Jolly Roger Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Japanese ジョリーのリゾート
Jorii no Rizooto
Jolly's Resort
Spanish Laguna de Alegre Roger Jolly Roger's Lagoon


  • The names on the lockers (besides "D. Jones") are the names of the game's developers.
  • The UFO and the Mountains for treasure appears in Banjoland.
  • In the UFO, Kazooie asks the aliens if they need to "phone home." This is a reference to the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • Kazooie asks if any of the aliens are named "Elvis". This is likely a reference to Perfect Dark.
  • There appears to be a ciphered message written on the walls of the Electric Eels' Lair, but its meaning is unknown.