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In the ending character parade

Trotty is one of two pig children who plays in the pool in Jolly Roger's Lagoon in Banjo-Tooie. As an unfortunate side effect of the toxic waste from Grunty Industries, Trotty has grown a third arm on his left side. He has a friend named Piggles.



Trotty claims it was due to his friend Piggles pushing him in the pool that he emerged with a third arm. He says he's quite sensitive about it, to which Kazooie calls him "Freako". He also claims to be growing a "third leg".

If you complete the sidequest where you heat up the pool first, he will thank you, but also add that "[he doesn't] want any more arms!" and Kazooie (and, curiously, Banjo) will say "Why not? Three more and you could be Spider Boy!"