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Pine Grove

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Pine Grove is a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Pine Grove is an area of the Isle O' Hags, containing the entrance to Witchyworld and a Digger Tunnel that leads to the Wasteland. It is first entered after opening a gate in the Plateau with Fire Eggs and is where the now-out of order Flume of Doom is located, a Witchyworld ride which broke and formed a small pool in front of it where a Talon Torpedo Door is found.

Pine Grove is also where the Isle O' Hags' Wumba's Wigwam is found, where Humba Wumba can transform Kazooie into a dragon after the Mega-Glowbo has been delivered to her. One of Jamjars' hatches is also found in this area, where Jamjars teaches how to fire Grenade Eggs.