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Dragon Kazooie

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Dragon Kazooie is a transformation in Banjo-Tooie.


Dragon Kazooie can be activated by taking the Mega-Glowbo to Humba Wumba in her wigwam found within the Isle O' Hags' Pine Grove, and works in any of the game's worlds.


Unlike other forms, Dragon Kazooie affects only Kazooie, not Banjo, and transforms her into a green, fire-breathing dragon. Dragon Kazooie is similar to Kazooie in her regular form, but has some differences: she can now breath fire by holding B Button while standing still and has an infinite amount of Fire Eggs. Her voice is also in a deeper pitch.


  • Despite Kazooie's appearance changing when transformed into Dragon Kazooie, her shadow does not. It only changes when she splits up from Banjo.
    • Additionally, Kazooie's talking icon also stays the same.
  • During the Tower of Tragedy Quiz and other scenes that happen after it, even if Kazooie is transformed into a dragon, she still appears with her normal appearance in them.