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Dragon Kazooie

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Dragon Kazooie is a secret transformation in Banjo-Tooie, achieved by giving Humba Wumba the Mega Glowbo. The Mega Glowbo is obtainable only by unlocking the Ice Safe with the Ice Key. However, this transformation does not work on Banjo. Instead, it turns Kazooie into a fire-breathing green dragon. This transformation is different from the rest, as it can go into every world, and is the only transformation that specifically affects Kazooie. By holding down B Button while standing still, Kazooie can breathe fire, and she also has an infinite amount of Fire Eggs. Her voice also deepens a bit in pitch.


  • While Kazooie's outward appearance dramatically changes to a dragon, her shadow strangely stays in the shape of a normal breegull. In addition, her character portrait when speaking also stays the same. However, when she splits up from Banjo, her shadow becomes more representative of her dragon-like appearance.
  • Dragon Kazooie can be brought to the Tower of Tragedy game or the Hag 1 battle, but the scenes after those events (when she revives Jingaling and Bottles, or when she and Banjo go to the party) will always show the red-crested breegull.
  • This is currently the only transformation for Kazooie as well as the only transformation that doesn't wear off when going to another world.