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Mouse Banjo

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Mouse Banjo is one of Banjo's five transformations in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. It transforms him into a mouse, which is necessary for accessing small entrances, usually mouse holes, and chewing through ropes and chains.

Mouse Banjo is the first transformation featured in the game. After Klungo is defeated in Cliff Farm, he leaves a Mumbo Token behind, which Banjo must obtain then give to Mumbo Jumbo at his Pad. By doing so, Mumbo allows Banjo to transform into a mouse.

The player can press B Button to make Mouse Banjo chew his teeth. This is specifically used for chewing through ropes and chains. One instance in which this ability is necessary is to free six chained Breegulls in Breegull Beach. As a mouse, Banjo is unable to injure any enemies; this is the only transformation incapable of doing such. Banjo immediately loses every Honeycomb if he falls in the water as a mouse.

In Cliff Farm, Banjo makes use of this form to enter Crag Mill and chew a switch to activate a lift. He can also access The Rafters room of Bluff Barn. This transformation is also used to enter a sand castle in Spiller's Harbor and a block of ice in Freezing Furnace, near Mumbo's Pad.