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Chicks appear in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge as a collectible. They are found across Farm Heights and are Momma Clucker's missing children. After finding all five chicks, Banjo must talk to Momma Clucker to be rewarded with a Jiggy.


Immediately upon entering the Farm Heights, a chick can be found on the wagon over the fence on the right side. Right in front of Bluff Barn, toward the left side, a chick can be found, while to the right, on the small grassy patch, another chick can be found beside the two barrels south of the sheep pen; yet another chick can be found behind the barn, in front of Mumbo's Pad and beside the tractor. To the left of Momma Clucker's pen, in the river is a small island which has another chick, though it is surrounded by Whiplashes.