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Cliff Farm

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Cliff Farm is the first world of Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. As the name suggests, it takes place on a farm, featuring hay bales, some farm animals, a barn, and a mill. It takes place at an apple orchard. At least one Jiggy is required for entering Cliff Farm. The Jinjos of this world are orange.

Only a few basic enemies appear in the world, including Beehive, Gruntweed, Whiplash, and Red Gruntlings.


Location Description
Cliff Falls Pool.png
Cliff Falls Pool
Cliff Falls Pool is a short underwater segment and the closest location to the world entrance. However, Banjo can only enter the area after learning the dive ability from Bozzeye. It only contains three Musical Notes, a Whiplash, and a Jiggy centered between the air bubbles.
Momma Clucker BKGR.png
Farm Heights
Farm Heights is the northern region of Cliff Farm. Here, Banjo can find the first Mumbo Pad, where Mumbo Jumbo transforms him into a mouse. This transformation allows him to enter through a small opening in the Crag Mill and into The Rafters room of another nearby area, Bluff Barn. Momma Clucker and her hen house are also located in Farm Heights.
Cliff Springs.png
Cliff Springs
This location is another short underwater segment, only accessible from diving. There are only three Musical Notes, a Jinjo, a Whiplash in the corner, and some air bubbles that refill Banjo's air gauge.
Crag Mill BKGR.png
Crag Mill
Crag Mill is an old water mill located in Farm Heights. Banjo can only enter it through a small crack as his mouse transformation. Some collectible items appear in the Crag Mill, including nine Musical Notes, an Empty Honeycomb Piece, and a Jiggy.
Bluff Barn.png
Bluff Barn
Bluff Barn is a large barn located in Cliff Farm. While the barn itself does not feature much besides a Gruntling, two locations are featured from within the barn, them being The Rafters, which Banjo can only enter via his mouse transformation through a small hole, and Klungo's Lab after Banjo activates the world's Witchy Warp. An Empty Honeycomb Piece is also located on one of the barn's silos.
The Rafters BKGR.png
The Rafters
The Rafters is a small area in Bluff Barn that can only be entered from a mousehole, requiring Banjo to be in his mouse transformation. In the location is a wooden floor with three Musical Notes. A Jinjo is behind a fence at the top-left, and Mouse Banjo can obtain it by walking through the small opening.
Klungo's Lab BKGR.png
Klungo's Lab
Klungo's Lab is an area inside of Bluff Barn where Banjo fights Klungo. To access it, Banjo must use his Roll Attack to activate a Witchy Warp. Inside the lab, Banjo finds Klungo creating Gruntweeds and Whiplashes for Gruntilda, and is working on his latest "bear removal" formula. During the battle, Klungo throws potions at Banjo while guarding himself with a magical shield, which disappears intermittently, allowing Banjo to attack him with a Roll Attack or Pack Whack. After taking three hits, Klungo gives up and retreats, leaving behind a Jiggy on the Witchy Warp.

Moves learned[edit]

Name Cost (Notes)
Dive 25
Climb 40
Forward Roll 60



  1. Find Momma Clucker's five missing baby chicks.
  2. Found underwater after learning how to Dive from Bozzeye.
  3. Save The Bleaters from a mischievous Gruntweed.
  4. Grab twelve Bleaters in a fishing mini-game.
  5. Inside the Crag Mill, Banjo (as a mouse) must walk on an elevator platform and chew on its switch. This makes it move up to a higher floor with a Jiggy.
  6. Collect Momma Clucker's eggs on the slippery slide.
  7. Collect the Jiggy from the cliff above where you learn Climb, which is surrounded by Whiplashes.
  8. Found on an island to the left of the Bluff Barn.
  9. Defeat Klungo inside the Bluff Barn.
  10. Find all five Jinjos.


  • On a barrel of apples, south of the entrance to Farm Heights.
  • In front of the Crag Mill's water wheel.
  • Hidden in The Rafters room of Bluff Barn.
  • On a cliff above where Bozzeye teaches Banjo to climb.
  • In the Cliff Springs, which is located above the world entrance.

Extra Honeycombs[edit]

  • On top of the farm's silo in Farm Heights.
  • Inside Crag Mill.

Jinjo Oracle[edit]

The world's Jinjo Oracle.

The Jinjo Oracle is located just south of the entrance.


  • Klungo's Gruntweeds seem to be a cross between Gruntlings and Whiplashes. When you get close, they'll try to squash you. They seem a little dizzy to me.
  • The little Bleaters are worried - they won't move while Grunty's monsters are near.
  • Without Mumbo's help, you won't be able to find all of Cliff Farm's secrets.
  • A hole that's small enough for a mouse? Then it sounds like it's a mouse you need!
  • Klungo's been using a Witchy Warp to enter a secret room in the barn. I think Bozzeye might know a way to turn it on.
  • All the Jinjos have been found on the farm. I only hope the Breegull Beach Jinjos will be as lucky.