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Jinjo Oracle

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“Seek the scattered Jinjos and return to the oracle, then the oracle will reveal all the secrets of Jinjodom with the press of A Button.”
Jinjo Oracle, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

The Jinjo Oracle is a character in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. She is a stone statue of a Jinjo, slightly resembling the Jinjo statues found at the tower in Banjo-Kazooie, and assists Banjo and Kazooie by providing a hint for obtaining a Jiggy each time the duo has rescued a Jinjo. If Banjo and Kazooie have rescued all five Jinjos, the Jinjo Oracle rewards them with a Jiggy, which she drops in front of her.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[edit]

  • Manual profile: "She may not get around much, but this gravelly-voiced pillar of the community has a wealth of gossip and secrets to share with Banjo just as soon as he rounds up some Jinjos."


First Meeting[edit]

  • "Why do you disturb the great oracle of Jinjo"
  • "Seek the scattered Jinjos and return to the oracle, then the oracle will reveal all the secrets of Jinjodom with a press of A Button."
  • "Not really, Banjo. The oracles does not get around much, and requires fresh gossip frm lost Jinjos"
  • "It is writter all over the manual."

Spiral Mountain[edit]

  • "Jinjos are magical creatures that look like me, but smaller. There's a pink one far to my left. Listen out for their distinctive call".
  • "Gruntilda has cast a spell on the Jiggy Priest. He needs your help in his temple to the South".
  • "Spiral Mountain sits to the North. On your way there, why not stop by and visit Honey B's Hive"?
  • "Gruntilda's magic is strongest here, around her lair. Mumbo Jumbo has done well to keep away".
  • "Poor little Jinjos. Gruntilda's scattered them in all sorts of awkward places."
  • "Well done, you've freed all of Spiral Mountain's Jinjos! Maybe the Jinjos will be able to settle down when Grunty has been defeated".

Cliff Farm[edit]

  • "Klungo's Gruntweeds seem to be a cross between Gruntlings and Whiplashes. When you get close, they'll try to squash you. They seem a little dizzy to me."
  • "The little Bleaters are worried - they won't move while Grunty's monsters are near."
  • "A hole that's small enough for a mouse? Then it sounds like it's a mouse you need!"
  • "Without Mumbo's help, you won't be able to find all of Cliff Farm's secrets."
  • "Klungo's been using a withchy warp to enter a secret room in the barn. I think Bozzeye might know a way to turn it on."
  • "All the Jinjos have been found on the farm. I only hope the Breegull Beach Jinjos will as lucky."

Breegull Beach[edit]

  • "The Jinjos on Breegull Beach are as yellow as the sand around you".
  • "You can't go to the beach without taking a swim, can you?"
  • "Sometimes Mumbo can help to find hidden Jinjos".
  • "The ancient Breegulls must be too old for Grunty to put to work in her slave quarry".
  • "Shrapnel mines can be destroyed with Blue Egg shots."
  • "Watch out for the Spookos in Monster Manor. They fear only fire and feathers!"

Bad Magic Bayou[edit]

  • "If you hadn't noticed, the swamp is full of poisonous waters. I'll bet you'd feel ill if you so much as dipped a toe in!"
  • "Bozzeye may not be able to climb trees, but he can help you shake things down."
  • "Some Jinjos hid in Monster Manor. I hope they're not afraid of the dark!"
  • "I heard Klungo say, 'Banjo need tank to get through here.' I wonder what he meant?"
  • "Some boardwalk paths lead through the trees to murky places."
  • "Have you heard of a place called 'Spiller's Harbor?' It used to be a resort, but since Grunty's lot turned up, they don't get many other visitors."

Spiller's Harbor[edit]

  • "The Jinjo’s are well hidden here, you’ll have to look everywhere to find them all."
  • "It might be worth nosing around with someone a little smaller if you’re having trouble finding all the Jinjos."
  • "Klungo’s Germuloids will suck the life out of you. Be quick and shake them off before they can start."
  • "Those Maggie Birds are a pain, but you should win a battle of the beaks when they’re nearer ground."
  • "I don’t know how a small creature would get out of the harbor if it wasn’t for that Wall Pipe."
  • "I think Gruntilda’s getting desperate. Her Mecha-Grunty suit needs more spare parts than the Freezing Furnace can make!"

Freezing Furnace[edit]

  • "Maybe it's just because they're cold, but the Jinjos in Freezing Furnace are all blue."
  • "See Mumbo to get all fired up before you fiddle with frozen fuses."
  • "A rocky cave leads to a very young Grunty Industries."
  • "Sea creatures don't seem to have a problem with the cold waters around here."
  • "Tanks...I mean thanks for trying to rescue all the Jinjos."
  • "With your dedication to finding the Jinjos, I'm sure you'll be brave enough to face Gruntilda in her lair."


  • "The Jinjo are united. Your reward awaits!" (all Jinjos collected)