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Jinjo Oracle

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The Jinjo Oracle is a giant stone statue who gives Banjo and Kazooie hints and clues on their quest in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. However, she will not do this for free. Banjo and Kazooie must rescue Jinjos in each world on their adventure if they want to solicit help from the Jinjo Oracle. She gives out one hint per Jinjo (talking to her after retrieving one). In addition to the hints and tips, she also hands out Jiggys whenever you collect all five of the Jinjos in a world.


Spiral Mountain[edit]

  • Jinjos are magical creatures that look like me, but smaller. There's a pink one far to my left. Listen out for their distinctive call.
  • Gruntilda has cast a spell on the Jiggy Priest. He needs your help in his temple to the South.
  • Spiral Mountain sits to the North. On your way there, why not stop by and visit Honey B.'s Hive?
  • Gruntilda's magic is strongest here, around her lair. Mumbo Jumbo has done well to keep away.
  • Poor little Jinjos. Gruntilda's scattered them in all sorts of awkward places.
  • Well done, you've freed all of Spiral Mountain's Jinjos! Maybe the Jinjos will be able to settle down when Grunty has been defeated.

Breegull Beach[edit]

  • The Jinjos on Breegull Beach are as yellow as the sand around you.
  • You can't go to the beach without taking a swim, can you?
  • Sometimes Mumbo can help to find hidden Jinjos.
  • The ancient Breegulls must be too old for Grunty to put to work in her slave quarry.
  • Shrapnel mines can be destroyed with Blue Egg shots.
  • Watch out for the Spookos in Monster Manor. They fear only fire and feathers!

Bad Magic Bayou[edit]

  • If you hadn't noticed, the swamp is full of poisonous waters. I'll bet you'd feel ill if you so much as dipped a toe in!
  • Bozzeye may not be able to climb trees, but he can help you shake things down.
  • Some Jinjos hid in Monster Manor. I hope they're not afraid of the dark!
  • I heard Klungo say, 'Banjo need tank to get through here.' I wonder what he meant?
  • Some boardwalk paths lead through the trees to murky places.
  • Have you heard of a place called 'Spiller's Harbor?' It used to be a resort, but since Grunty's lot turned up, they don't get many other visitors.

Spiller's Harbor[edit]

"The Jinjo’s are well hidden here, you’ll have to look everywhere to find them all." "It might be worth nosing around with someone a little smaller if you’re having trouble finding all the Jinjos." "Klungo’s Germuloids will suck the life out of you. Be quick and shake them off before they can start." "Those Maggie Birds are a pain, but you should win a battle of the beaks when they’re nearer ground." "I don’t know how a small creature would get out of the harbor if it wasn’t for that Wall Pipe." "I think Gruntilda’s getting desperate. Her Mecha-Grunty suit needs more spare parts than the Freezing Furnace can make!"

Freezing Furnace[edit]

  • Maybe it's just because they're cold, but the Jinjos in Freezing Furnace are all blue.
  • See Mumbo to get all fired up before you fiddle with frozen fuses.
  • A rocky cave leads to a very young Grunty Industries.
  • Sea creatures don't seem to have a problem with the cold waters around here.
  • Tanks...I mean thanks for trying to rescue all the Jinjos.
  • With your dedication to finding the Jinjos, I'm sure you'll be brave enough to face Gruntilda in her lair.



  • Despite of being clearly referenced to as female, the Jinjo Oracle has a surprisingly deep and raw voice.
  • Her stone form resembles that of the Jinjonator, although the Jinjonator is actually a giant Blue Jinjo encased in stone.