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Jiggywiggy's Temple

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Jiggywiggy's Temple is one of the locations of Banjo-Tooie. Located within the Wooded Hollow on the Isle o' Hags, the temple is where Banjo and Kazooie can attempt Jiggywiggy's Challenge and open new worlds. The entrance is guarded by the lone Disciple of Jiggywiggy, who allows the duo entrance when they have collected enough Jiggies for each challenge. Inside awaits Jiggywiggy, who commands the Crystal Jiggy and opens the worlds for the pair once they have successfully completed each challenge. A secret passage behind the curtains leads to some signposts that offer hints about the game. Inside are signposts that will tell where every Jiggy in the game is located, but they will say nothing until Madame Grunty allows them to speak. According to the disciple, there is also no food allowed in Jiggywiggy's Temple other than food from McJiggy's.

In Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, Jiggywiggy's Temple is located in Spiral Mountain. Here, it shares the same function as it did in Banjo-Tooie, but Jiggywiggy is unable to touch the Jiggies because Gruntilda prevented him from using them. He does, however, let Banjo and Kazooie use the Crystal Jiggy to open the paths to the worlds if they have enough Jiggies. Unlike in Banjo-Tooie, the Disciple of Jiggywiggy does not appear to guard the door, allowing Banjo and Kazooie to come in as often as they want, but they cannot go near the Crystal Jiggy until they have the appropriate number of Jiggies. Jiggywiggy presents no challenges either. Once the duo have enough Jiggies, he will open the path to the Crystal Jiggy, allowing access to the next world.



  • The music that plays in the Temple is a slowed down and extended version of the jingle that plays when a Joggy appears.