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Code Chamber

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The Code Chamber is an area located in Mayahem Temple of Banjo-Tooie. It is where Banjo and Kazooie enter cheat codes that they learn from Cheato. It is the successor to the Sandcastle from Banjo-Kazooie.

To access the chamber, Mumbo Jumbo must cast the Summon spell on the Golden Goliath and use the golden giant to kick open the door blocking the passage to the Code Room. Alternatively, a Grenade Egg can be used to blast open the door, but only after going to Pine Grove to learn how to use them first.

There are two Moggie enemies in the Code Room. These baddies are relatively harmless and are also very helpful to test out certain cheats on them (e.g. HONEYKING and SUPERBADDY).

To enter a cheat code, Banjo must stand on the central platform and use Kazooie's Egg Aim to shoot Eggs at the blue letters on the wall in order to write out the cheat.


  • FEATHERS (CHEATOSREHTAEF) - Doubles your Feather Capacity
  • EGGS (CHEATOSGGE) - Doubles your Egg Capacity
  • FALLPROOF (CHEATOFOORPLLAF) - Prevents you from taking damage from long falls
  • HONEYBACK (CHEATOKCABYENOH) - Gives you one energy unit every three seconds
  • JUKEBOX (CHEATOXOBEKUJ) - Turns the Jukebox at Jolly's on
  • GETJIGGY (CHEATOYGGIJTEG) - Activates the Signs in Jiggywiggy's Temple
  • CHEATOSUPERBANJO - Makes Banjo and Kazooie run faster
  • CHEATOSUPERBADDY - Makes Baddies run faster
  • CHEATOHONEYKING - Makes you invincible
  • CHEATONESTKING - Gives you Infinite Eggs and Feathers
  • CHEATOJIGGYWIGGYSPECIAL - Opens up all worlds
  • HOMING (CHEATOGNIMOH) - Makes Eggs home in on enemies
  • CHEATOPLAYITAGAINSON - Unlocks everything in Replay Mode
  • CHEATOJIGGYSCASTLIST - Unlocks the Character Parade in Replay Mode (Will not work if you have already entered the code above)