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Salty Joe

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“Aw sheesh, someone found the switch...I hate customers, always wanting things!”
Salty Joe, Banjo-Tooie

Salty Joe is a character in Banjo-Tooie.


Salty Joe is a red fox and an employee of Witchyworld, operating the theme park's fries stand. He dislikes costumers and avoids interacting with them, getting mad when disturbed as he is a "busy guy." While Salty Joe's stand is closed at first, the booth can be opened by pressing a switch behind it. Salty Joe then complains that someone found the switch and says he hates costumers, as they're "always wanting things." When first interacted with, he will offer Banjo and Kazooie his "limp, salty fries." If they accept, Salty Joe will give them and says he'd "better start frying up some more," as he is "all out."

If Banjo goes to get fries from him alone, Salty Joe will ask the bear if he needs a sidekick, and proceed to list the moves he knows,—the "Salt Shaker Slap," the "Greasy Hand Grab" and spitting fries really far—with none of them interesting Banjo.

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, various signs throughout Showdown Town have the logo of "Salty Joe's Fish & Chips" in them.


  • "Aw sheesh, someone found the switch...I hate customers, always wanting things!"
  • "Hurry up and order, weirdos—I'm a busy guy!"
  • "Quite the comedian, huh? Now how about some of Salty Joe's limp, salty fries?"
  • "Yeah, fries coming right up. Er, have a nice day, I guess."
  • "Hmmm, I'd better start frying up some more 'cause I'm all out!"
  • "Why, you cheeky..."
  • "Errrm... Yes."
  • "Hey, do you need a sidekick? I got loads of cool moves."
  • "Sure. How about the Salt Shaker Slap?"
  • "What about my Greasy Hand Grab?"
  • "Er, and I can spit fries really far..."