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Hag 1 Boss Area

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The final boss fight in Banjo Tooie is where Banjo and Kazooie must destroy the Hag 1 controlled by Gruntilda.

This rooftop area takes place in an edited copy of Cauldron Keep, on their first time infiltrating the rooftop to encounter the Hag 1 with 70 Jiggies collected to fight Gruntilda. In contrast, this area has one eggs placed at the corners, and a narrow boundary box. The skybox at third person view has less red than orange, with black background at the bottom of it, the elevator in this room when pressing "B Button" ("B Button" on Xbox 360) is absolutely non-functional to prevent the player from fleeing the battle; making it to where the only way to leave is to use explosive eggs to kill Banjo itself or quit the game, the area, on enter after the boss has been defeated does not depict a scene where Banjo elevates to this area via rooftop entrance, and HD clouds were never used in this sub-area as in the main one for the Xbox Live port.

The same way as with the Top of the Tower in the first game, when Gruntilda's defeated, the sub-area cannot be re-accessed, that way the other area's rooftop becomes explorable allowing Banjo to leave.