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Jippo Jim

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Jippo Jims[1] are enemies who appear throughout Witchyworld in Banjo-Tooie. They carry around a large mallet, which they try to attack Banjo and Kazooie with.

Jippo Jims wear a different costume based on the theme of the area they are at. In the Wild West Zone, Jippo Jims are dressed as cowboys, in the space-themed areas they are dressed as aliens, and in the Horror Zone, Jippo Jims wear a Frankenstein-like mask. One Jippo Jim at the entrance and exit gate is dressed as a ringmaster. Another Jippo Jim appears in Mumbo's Hut.

The name "Jippo Jim" may refer to either the term "Jippo" or "Jip," a slang term for a swindler; this refers to Witchyworld's bad business practices.



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