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Jippo Jim

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Jippo Jims are the main enemies of Witchyworld in Banjo-Tooie, and they appear to be the park's staff members. They carry around a large mallet, which they attack Banjo and Kazooie with.

Depending on the theme of the particular area, Jippo Jim may dress up in a number of different costumes, including a cowboy in the Wild West Zone, an alien for the space-themed areas, or a Frankenstein-like mask from the Horror Zone sections of Witchyworld.



  • There is only one Jippo Jim dressed as a Ringmaster in the entire game. He is found at the entrance and exit gate of the park.
  • Although Jippo Jims may change in appearance, they will always greet you with the same sound.
  • Creepily, one is even found in Mumbo's hut.
  • The cowboy versions of Jippo Jim appear to have blood splattered on them.
  • The name "Jippo Jim" may refer to either the term "Jippo" or "Jip", a slang term for a swindler, referring to Witchyworld's crooked business practices.