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“Mmmm, tastes heavenly!”
Dippy, Banjo-Tooie

Dippy is a long-necked dinosaur who appears in Terrydactyland of Banjo-Tooie. He stays inside his cave (which is impossible to enter) to avoid the sun burning his skin. He is very thirsty and the pool outside his cave from where he drinks is completely dried up.

When he asks Banjo and Kazooie to fetch him some water, Kazooie exclaims that the water won't simply "fall from the sky". However, his problem is indeed solved when the duo drain the water of pool in Cloud Cuckooland down to Dippy's pool in Terrydactyland. Dippy remarks that it tastes heavenly and rewards the player with a Jiggy that is automatically added to their collection without requiring them to return to Terrydactyland.


  • Dippy: Blurrrgh... so thirsty. I need water badly.
  • Kazooie: Why not go and look for some then. It's not going to just drop out of the sky!
  • Dippy: The sun burns poor Dippy, so I must stay in my cave. Please get me a drink...

After providing water from Cloud Cuckooland:

  • Dippy: Yippee! My pool's full of water! Where did it all come from?
  • Dippy: Mmmm, tastes heavenly!
  • Banjo: Well, it did come from the clouds, Dippy.
  • Dippy: Did it? You said it wouldn't just drop from the sky.
  • Kazooie: I lied. Just drink it and be happy!
  • Dippy: Oh I am! Here, take my odd-shaped gold tooth in exchange...


  • Dippy is the only character to have a boss-style description without having the boss music play when he is introduced as "Dippy: Seeker of Beverages". Most likely because he doesn't appear threatening like the other two who aren't bosses that have boss-like intros.