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“Separate skills are what you lack, so let's get Kazooie out of your pack! Find your pads is what you do, pressing A Button makes one become two!”
Jamjars, Banjo-Tooie

Split-Up is a move in Banjo-Tooie.


Split-Up allows Banjo and Kazooie, when on Split-up Pads, to separate the two and allow both to walk around by themselves, giving them a mostly new moveset to do things the two together normally wouldn't be able to. It is taught to by Jamjars in Witchyworld for 160 Musical Notes, and is performed by pressing A Button while on Banjo's pad. To switch to Kazooie, Banjo must press A Button again on his pad (it does not have to be the same pad he split up on). To switch back to Banjo, Kazooie must press A Button on one of her pads. There are also sparkly "Swap Clouds" at various points that allow Banjo and Kazooie to switch. To bring the two back together, one simply has to touch the other.

By default, Banjo starts with three honeycombs of HP by himself, while Kazooie only has two. Honey B.'s upgrades will add honeycombs to their health until Banjo has eight and Kazooie has seven. Banjo initially has no attacks but retains his ability to do the Grip Grab (albeit without an attack). He can still swim, but the loss of Kazooie causes him to swim slower. He can also do a variant of the Flap Flip in which he "flaps" his arms. Kazooie initially has an attack as she retains her ability to use Eggs (as well as moves related to them) as well as the Beak Bomb, but she can't swim underwater, locking her out of a majority of Jolly Roger's Lagoon. When using the Shock Spring Jump or Springy Step Shoes, Kazooie goes much higher by herself than she would with Banjo. She can also run faster with the Turbo Trainers, which is needed to beat one of Mr. Fit's challenges. The Beak Buster, Bill Drill, Breegull Blaster, and Talon Torpedo cannot be performed while Banjo and Kazooie are split up.

The move is a "gateway" to the following moves, which Jamjars will not teach to Banjo and Kazooie while they are together:

While Split-Up, neither characters can leave the worlds they are currently in without the other, except for one Jiggy in Hailfire Peaks that falls into Grunty Industries but requires the Shack Pack to get.