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List of Banjo-Tooie glitches

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This is a list of glitches from Banjo-Tooie.


Clockwork Kazooie[edit]

The Clockwork Kazooie can retrieve most items, including some that are intended to be obtained through different means:

#1: Entrance/Exit Honeycomb Piece - Mayahem Temple

Behind Mayahem Temple's entrance lies an extra honeycomb piece down in a gap between the stones in the wall. It's fairly certain that this honeycomb was meant for the Stony to get as most players will have already done. But for those who missed it and came back to complete the level with Clockwork Eggs in hand, this was always open for the taking.

#2: Columns Vault Jiggy - Mayahem Temple

Usually this Jiggy requires the player to remove a boulder from the Column's Vault entrance, then hit the columns in order to knock the Jiggy down. Save your time - come back once you have the Clockwork Eggs, then fire an egg from up where the Cheato Page of Jade Snake Grove is located to pick up your prize. This Jiggy can also be collected with the Super Banjo cheat if you really like.

#3: Ssslumber's Jiggy - Mayahem Temple

If anyone is tired of creeping up on Ssslumber or is unable to due to bad controllers, they can use this method instead. Just aim a decent Clockwork egg shot and you'll snag your prize easily. However, if Ssslumber has not been spoken to before, and the Clockwork Kazooie Egg explodes and wakes him up, the game will crash after the cutscene plays.

#4: Water Storage Jinjo - Glitter Gulch Mine

Normally, you're supposed to use the Talon Torpedo to break open a tunnel in Jolly Roger's Lagoon's Sunken Ship which leads to this Jinjo. However, you don't ever need to open the tunnel! Simply fire a Clockwork Egg up at the Jinjo from below to rescue it easily!

#5: Cove Jinjo - Jolly Roger's Lagoon

Normally you'd need to cough up a doubloon to Blubber for some turbo trainers for this one, but you can collect the Jinjo at the back of the cove with a Clockwork Egg. Or you could glide, or Pack Jump with Banjo, or use the water level to your advantage... anything works here and you should never really have to bother with giving Blubber his gold.

#6: Smuggler's Cavern Jiggy - Jolly Roger's Lagoon

That jiggy, up on the high platform in Smuggler's Cavern under Jolly's? Clockwork Egg. Who needs glide when you have these babies?

#7: Ancient Swimming Baths Cheato Page - Jolly Roger's Lagoon

This room is rather large, and the designers have tried to make it apparent that you need glide for this item because of the split up pads at the back of the room. Clockwork Eggs work too, y'know.

#8: Caged Jinjo at Entrance - Terrydactyland

At the entrance of this level lies a Jinjo, way up high behind a gate. Hit the gate switch on the pillar in front of him with a grenade egg, then clamber up to where Jamjars sits and fire a nice Clockwork egg into the Jinjo's hole to grab him. No springy step shoes or flight pads required.

#9: Fenced Jinjo No. 2 - Terrydactyland

In one corner of the level lies two cages, one with a Rocknut and one with a Jinjo. It's really hard to say whether this Jinjo was meant to be collected with the clockwork egg, as it's right next to something you need the clockwork egg for, but at the same time there's a pair of split up pads nearby which can be used to get Banjo out with his shack pack move. Perhaps this one isn't so unusual afterall.

#10: Dippy's Page - Terrydactyland

This one's rather pointless unless you'd like to collect as many pages as possible early in the game. Fly into Dippy's drinking bowl, then go down into the drain and look up to see a Cheato Page floating in the air - use your Clockwork Eggs on it to grab it.

#11: Floor 1 Tintops - Grunty Industries

Breaking into the window above the front entrance to the Industries will make you appear high up in Floor 1, above the Tintops. Come in here with Kazooie only, then from your starting platform, use a Clockwork egg to coax out the Tintops. Wait for a few to come near and detonate. Repeat until they're all gone, then feathery flap and wing whack your way over for a jiggy.

#12: SEQUENCE BREAK: Explore Grunty Industries early (NTSC ONLY)

What's this? Well, in the NTSC version of the game, if you break the window at the front of the factory, then fire a clockwork Kazooie up into the window, a weird glitch can occur. If your clockwork Kazooie goes through the hole to enter the factory at the EXACT moment Banjo is hit by the worker enemy outside, you'll end up inside the Industries! No trains necessary!

#13: Icicle Grotto Cheato Page - Hailfire Peaks

At the bottom of Icicle Grotto lies a Cheato Page. Normally Banjo is required to climb up a piece of ice solo before shack pack'ing it through a hole to grab the page, but a good clockwork shot from below with Kazooie will get the page much more easily.

#14: Oil Pipeline Jiggy - Hailfire Peaks/Grunty Industries

After farming up a jiggy with the oil drill, normally you'll have to go through the pipeline with Banjo using the shack pack. But as we've been informed, you don't need to do this - firing a clockwork egg into the hole in the pipeline from the right angle will allow it to go through. Get the angle wrong and it'll explode in your face, though.

#15: Strong Wind Jinjo - Hailfire Peaks

Down in the Ice Side of Hailfire Peaks lies a Jinjo with a strong wind blowing out from a gap in the ice behind it. Normally you'd need to use the Snowball to grab this fellow, however you can pick him up with a Clockwork Kazooie from the side if you get your aiming right.

#16: Trashcan Jinjo - Cloud Cuckooland

In Cloud Cuckooland's Trashcan lies a Jinjo atop a carton of something. Normally you'd have to come in here with Banjo solo by climbing the straw of Jolly's Juice, or leg spring and glide from one piece of trash to another with Kazooie, but you don't need to. Just fire a clockwork egg up with Kazooie instead of leg springing and gliding after you finish the Trashcan mini-game.

Cheato's Music glitch[edit]

The glitch happens when you stand next to Cheato while his theme plays. Shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg and take it outside the lair. Have it explode, and they you'll cut back to Gruntilda's Lair and voula. The Spiral Mountain theme plays while you stand next to Cheato instead of his own theme.

Falling through the level[edit]

This glitch can only be performed in the Nintendo 64 original. Banjo must go to the Oogle Boogle cave as Banjo and Grip Grab on the Witchyworld sign. If done correctly, when you press A Button, Banjo climbs up on the sign and go through the wall. Banjo will fall down by going further, causing a respawn.

Grip Grab glitch[edit]

A glitch involving the Grip Grab occurs in Witchyworld. Upon entering the area, behind the ticket booth, the Shock Jump Pad can be used to spring jump and cling onto the background, allowing Banjo to crawl across the entire area.

Chief Bloatazin and the Relic[edit]

After retrieving the Sacred Relic Thingy, Banjo and Kazooie must go to Mumbo's Skull and change to Mumbo Jumbo. He must go to Chief Bloatazin, who tells Mumbo, "Sorry, I'll only talk to Banjo..." After saying this, Chief Bloatazin starts searching for the relic amidst the gold even though it has already appeared in plain sight. If Banjo and Kazooie return to the Treasure Chamber, Chief Bloatazin is found dancing where he was last seen searching for the relic.

Running Shoes glitch[edit]

If a Clockwork Kazooie Egg is fired with the aiming sight and blown up while using one of the four types of shoes available, instead of the shoe's music resuming, the level music will play even though the shoes are still in effect.

Two Banjos glitch[edit]

This glitch takes advantage of the Clockwork Kazooie Egg and the Split-Up Pads in Hailfire Peaks.

First, go to Boggy's Igloo as Kazooie alone. Run towards the Entrance while Kazooie is sliding and fire a Clockwork Kazooie Egg at exactly the same time she leaves, then detonate it once outside. This will force the game to switch back to Banjo. If you so choose to go back into the Igloo, lo and behold, a second Banjo will be waiting for you.

Undead Banjo glitch[edit]

Go to Jolly's as either Banjo and Kazooie together or Kazooie alone. You'll need to only have one honeycomb left, so jump into the fire a bit to wear yourself down. Anyway, activate Jolly's jukebox and turn it off again (just so you're standing in the right place, you see). Fire a Clockwork Kazooie Egg behind you, move to a position a couple of steps behind Banjo's feet, and hold B Button. Voilá! The CWK Egg explodes and Banjo dies... but then he gets back up again to use the jukebox. Deactivate the jukebox, and voilá - Undead Banjo!

Walking underwater glitch[edit]

In Jolly Rogers Lagoon go to Smuggler's Cavern and swim to the right piece of wall, you'll notice that you will fall into the water. Note: If you enter another area under the water you will start swimming. A similar glitch can be performed in Banjo-Kazooie.

Walking on walls glitch[edit]

This glitch is done where the pool and lake are in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, find where one of the pigs was originally standing, behind him is a wall that doesn't make Banjo slide, unlike other slopes. The wall can be walked on using the Talon Trot.

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