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Oogle Boogle

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Bear and Bird friend save Oogle Boogle tribe from extinction. Must have reward now!”
Oogle Boogle, Banjo-Tooie

The Oogle Boogles are characters in Banjo-Tooie.


Oogle Boogles are a tribe of cavemen who live inside their cave in Terrydactyland. They are enemies of the Unga Bungas, who wish to rule the land rather than sharing it with the other tribes.

At one point, an Unga Bunga blocked the Oogle Boogle's Cave, and he needs to be scared off by Daddy T-Rex Banjo's roar. Once inside, the Oogle Boogles can be found shivering. They explain that the cave lacks central heating and food, and say that there might be a Jiggy at the end if they get helped after Kazooie asks for one.

They can be warmed by firing Fire Eggs at the torches around the cave, and can be fed with fries and burgers from Witchyworld that need to be taken to Terrydactyland with Claw Clamber Boots through a tunnel above the Area 51 zone. After they have been helped, the Oogle Boogles reward Banjo with a Jiggy, which contains teeth marks in it because the cavemen thought there was chocolate inside.


  • "H-h-hello..."
  • "N-not s-stammer. F-f-freezing c-cold. C-cave no c-central h-heating. N-no food e-either. U-unga B-bunga tribe got g-guard outside c-cave. P-please w-warm c-cave up and g-give f-f-food?"
  • "M-maybe. W-warmth and f-food f-f-first!"
  • "M-me c-cold and h-hungry. Please h-help."
  • "Me warm but still need food. Junk food good..."
  • "Lovely! Can feel toes again. Need food now. Me like fast food!"
  • "Me need food you got! You give?"
  • "Mmmm, that tasty. Me all happy now."
  • "Bear and Bird friend save Oogle Boogle tribe from extinction. Must have reward now!"
  • "Me thought chocolate was inside..."