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Train Station

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Grunty's Industries' Train Station.

Train Stations are a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Train Stations are areas in every world except for Mayahem Temple, Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Cloud Cuckooland, Spiral Mountain and Cauldron Keep, and they are where Chuffy can be called after a Train Switch is pressed. Banjo and Kazooie cannot enter the train tunnels themselves as Jamjars states that "there are bad things in there."

The Train Station in Glitter Gulch Mine is found near some piles of coal after a passage. The one in Witchyworld is found in the horror zone. The one in the Isle O' Hags is found within Cliff Top. The one in Terrydactyland is near the Oogle Boogle's Cave. The one in Grunty Industries is the only way to first enter the world. Hailfire Peaks has two Train Stations: one is found in some of the Fire Side's ruins and the other is in the Icy Side, being only accessible by cooling down Chuffy's boiler with Gobi's water.