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Hailfire Peaks

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Hailfire Peaks is a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Hailfire Peaks is the seventh world of Banjo-Tooie. It is an island with two big mountains dividing the two opposite sides. One side of the mountain is an arctic region while the other is a fiery, volcanic area. Likely due to this, Hailfire Peaks has two bosses, as well as two train stations. On the top of Hailfire Peaks's two mountains are large pools. One is a pool of lava and the other is a pool of ice water. These pools are where the two dragon brothers can be found and battled.

Most of the lava side of the level takes place on the mountain's side, since the "ground" below is an ocean of lava. There are many stones are stone walkways of course, where Banjo and Kazooie can walk safely on to avoid the lava. Also, on the sides of the volcano, fiery hands reach out of cracks alongside the wall and grab Banjo and Kazooie.

Inside the volcano there are many magma pools with walkways above. Banjo will suffocate from the heat in a matter of minutes if he doesn't leave the caves soon. In one of them is a Jiggy where multiple switches must be pressed in order to reach the prize before Banjo runs out of breath.

There is a little miniature factory on the icy side of Hailfire Peaks that can be opened using a rusty switch. To press the switch, Banjo and Kazooie must first transform into a giant snowball with Humba Wumba's help.


Lava Side[edit]

Icy Side[edit]



  1. Defeat Chilli Billi and Chilly Willy: These two dragons don't take too kindly to Banjo "intruding" on "their" territory, and will constantly bombard him with fire and iceballs until this Jiggy is obtained. To defeat Chilli Billi, Banjo must goad him into shooting a fireball at a giant stone structure near Mumbo's. A Fly Pad hides underneath, which Banjo and Kazooie must use to reach a hidden part of the level. To defeat Chilli Billi, who somehow changes tack and thinks that Banjo is now a pizza delivery guy, Kazooie must shoot Ice Eggs at him through cannons. As for Chilly Willy, Banjo must goad him into hitting Biggafoot with an iceball, which reveals Claw Clamber Boots. Kazooie must then use the boots to walk up to a hidden area in the Icy Side. Defeating Chilly Willy is the same aside from the fact that Kazooie must use Fire Eggs. The dragon that Banjo takes on first will have 6 HP, while the second dragon will have 12.
  2. Stomponadon's Surprise: Banjo must survive the Stomping Plains of Terrydactyland by himself, and push a switch with his head on it to unlock this Jiggy.
  3. Colosseum Kickball Tournament: In the Colosseum, there's a wall with a crack. Break it with a Grenade Egg and then head through to Mayahem Temple. Head to Wumba's and then turn into a Stony. Head back to the Hailfire Colosseum and then start playing. Be warned that the rules are very different from the Mayan Kickball Tournament; because here, the LOWEST score wins.
  4. Climb the Colosseum: Go into the Colosseum as Banjo only. Climb up the chain hanging down, and then grab a ledge and head outside, use the switch, and switch to Kazooie. Have Kazooie go to the Flight Pad on the opposite side of the Fire Side, and fly to the small hole that has a Kazooie switch. Switch to Banjo, and Grip Grab across to another switch, which opens a cage near the bottom of the Colosseum. Switch back to Kazooie and Glide down to the Jiggy.
  5. Inside the Volcano: Banjo must go to precisely that location and press all the switches in order before he runs out of air, presumably due to heat exhaustion.
  6. Feed Boggy Some Fish: Boggy's hungry and wants you to get him some food. In a pool of hot water near the top of the Fire Side is a fish. Use Banjo's Shack Pack to get it and take it back to Boggy.
  7. Save Sabreman: Sabreman, star of early Rare game and Commodore 64 hit Sabre Wulf, is so badly frozen on the Icy Side that not even Fire Eggs can warm him up. Instead, Mumbo must use the Mumbo Pad that is hanging over the frozen explorer. Kazooie can then use Fire Eggs on him to warm him up. Finally, Banjo must Taxi Pack the Sabreman to his tent near the world entrance on the Fire Side to get this Jiggy.
  8. Help the Aliens' Kids: In order to get this Jiggy, Banjo must first complete the Jiggy in Jolly Roger's Lagoon involving the aliens. They're now looking for their kids on the Icy Side. Alph, however, kills himself after taking a long fall when a crosswind knocks him off the ship. The first order of business is to grab Mumbo and use a Mumbo Pad to revive him. He then reveals the locations of his kids.
    • Alphette is in front of Wumba's Wigwam and is also dead, so after using a Bill Drill to reveal the child, Mumbo must perform another Life Force spell.
    • Betette is behind Wumba's Wigwam, and only requires a Bill Drill to free.
    • A very cold Gamette is on a high ledge above the Split-Up Pads in front of the upper area Warp Pad. Kazooie must warm the alien child using Hatch.
  9. Activate the Oil Drill: Transform into the Snowball and get as big as you can. Head to a Warp Pad and warp to the Upper area of the Fire Side. Quickly head into the entrance to the Icy Side, and you'll end up on a cliff over looking the oil drill. If you lost size, look for snow on the ledge that you can roll into (or use the HONEYBACK cheat). Roll onto the power switch, and the drill turns on, digging up a Jiggy that falls into a pipe. Get Banjo alone and then use the Shack Pack to go into a hole in the pipe. Oddly enough, the hole leads to Grunty Industries, circumventing the "rule" requiring Banjo and Kazooie to be together when traveling between levels.
  10. Icy Side Train Station: In order to get this Jiggy, you need to get to the Icy Side train station, which is accessible only by train. But Old King Coal claims he's too hot to go there, and the sharp drop in temperature will destroy Chuffy. After freeing Gobi from his prison in Witchyworld's Chamber of Horror, he'll show up in the Fire Side's Train Station, allegedly having finally found the "lava world" he was looking for in the last game. Use the flying pad in the lava side, the entrance to the upper part of the train station is right above the Colosseum. Stomp on Gobi's hump, and he will spit into the smokestack, cooling the engine. Take the train to the Icy station and there should be a Jiggy there.


  • Inside the same pool of super-hot water where the Dindin is that Banjo must take to Boggy (near the exit to the Icy Side). Again, Banjo must use the Shack Pack for this one.
  • Behind a lava waterfall next to the Colosseum. Banjo must hit a switch inside the Colosseum that raises platforms outside, then Banjo and Kazooie must use the Wonderwing to get through the waterfall. With the Honeyking cheat, Banjo can barely make it through the lava waterfall.
  • Inside of Mildred Ice Cube, who is outside of Boggy's Igloo. Break her using the Bill Drill or Fire Eggs.
  • In the Icicle Grotto, behind the split up pads. Cross the icicle bridge and turn around. Kazooie must use her Leg Spring to Glide to it. You can also get it by firing a clockwork Kazooie egg.
  • In a small cave in the Icy Side. Strong winds prevent the duo from reaching it, so Banjo must transform into his Snowball form and become the largest size to get past the winds. Banjo and Kazooie may also use the eggs to get to the Jinjo.

Extra Honeycombs[edit]

  • In a hole near (above) the hot lake with Boggy's fish.
  • Near the entrance to the icicle cave in the volcano.
  • In the Fire Side Train Station.

Cheato Pages[edit]

  • Inside the Colosseum Lobby, Banjo and Kazooie must use the Claw Clamber Boots to walk up the middle pillar and go out the doorway leading outside once they have reached the top.
  • In the Ice Area Upper World, Banjo must use Kazooie and go right from the Split-up Pads. There should be a narrow bridge of ice. There are small platforms the duo must Spring Jump on. Banjo and Kazooie must then seek out the Cheato Page and find it. Alternatively, you can retrieve the page as Kazooie alone by going to the silo where you learned Glide and use that move learned there to glide across the gap between that ledge and the page.
  • Enter Icicle Grotto from the entrance close to the Oil Drill in the Icy Side. Right as you enter, to your left up the hill will be an greenish icicle hanging from a platform. Climb up the icicle and shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg into the tiny hole and at the end of the tiny tunnel will be a Cheato Page. Alternatively, Banjo alone can use the Shack Pack ability to get through it. Once he has gone far enough, he can nab a Cheato Page.

Treble Clef


Fire Side[edit]

Ice Side[edit]


Fire Side[edit]

Ice Side[edit]


  • From the Kickball Stadium Lobby to the Kickball Colosseum Lobby in Mayahem Temple.
  • From the hot pool with the door says H2O when George Ice Cube falls from Cloud Cuckooland to Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
  • Through the Stomping Plains of Terrydactyland.
  • Through the Waste Disposal Plant where the word "OIL" above is near the water pipeline from Jolly Roger's Lagoon to Grunty Industries.
  • From Glitter Gulch Mine, the Waterfall Caves are the only way to get the ice locked box, which contains Mega-Glowbo.



Fire side[edit]

Ice side[edit]



Language Name Meaning
French Pics Fournaise Furnace Peaks
German Steinhagel-Gipfel Stonehail Peaks
Italian Picco Nevefoco Snowfire Peak
Japanese ホットアイスやま
Hotto Aisu Yama
Hot Ice Peaks
Spanish Picos Fuegohelados Hailfire Peaks


  • This is the only world in Banjo-Tooie to feature more than one boss.
  • Gobi claims in this game that this is, in fact, the "lava world" he was heading for at the conclusion of Banjo-Kazooie. This may be a retcon.
  • If Snowball Banjo jumps into one of the holes where the Alien Children were at full size, he'll get stuck and softlock the game.