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Soggy is one of the three children of Boggy in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.



During Banjo and Kazooie's first adventure, Soggy is sad because she doesn't have a present for Christmas. Banjo and Kazooie solve this dilemma by searching Freezeezy Peak for three presents to give to her and her brothers, Moggy and Groggy. In exchange, the children reward Banjo and Kazooie with a Jiggy. Afterwards, the three can be seen celebrating in their igloo while their father, Boggy, is lazily lounging in his chair. In this game, Soggy wears green pajama pants. The Xbox Live Arcade port of Banjo-Kazooie again features Soggy in exactly the same role.


Two years later, the polar bear children have been separated from their mother, Mrs. Boggy, in Witchyworld. Banjo and Kazooie are charged with the task of finding them, but the cubs aren't too happy about having to leave. To coax Soggy home, the duo brings her some fries from Salty Joe's Fries. Once the children are all returned to Boggy's Igloo, Mrs. Boggy rewards Banjo and Kazooie with a Jiggy. If Banjo and Kazooie talk to Soggy in Boggy's Igloo, she says she hopes Moggy will get in trouble for jumping on her mother's bed, indicating she is somewhat of a malicious tattletale. In Banjo-Tooie, Soggy wears a pink dress with an image of a bumblebee on it rather than her usual green pants. Soggy returns in the Xbox Live Arcade port of Banjo-Tooie.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[edit]

Soggy and Moggy as they appear in Nuts & Bolts

Soggy, Moggy, and Groggy were planned to appear in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, but were cut from the game because of time constraints. Although they were cut, their head icons appeared in a promotional artwork for the game. The name of their canceled Jiggy challenge was "Don't Bring Your Kids to Work Day".[1]

Years later, Soggy and Moggy were discovered to be in the "Home Improvements: Igloo Edition" challenge of Banjoland. Soggy appears on top of Clanker, which is far out of bounds from where the challenge itself takes place.[2]