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Blubber's Treasure

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“Ahoy there! I be Blubber's treasure!”
A piece of Blubber's treasure, Banjo-Kazooie

Blubber's Treasure, also known as Blubber's gold, is the treasure lost by Captain Blubber in Treasure Trove Cove of Banjo-Kazooie.

Captain Blubber lost the treasure when his ship, The Salty Hippo, crashed on shore. The treasure is split into two halves and each half is underwater inside his ship. Captain Blubber asks Banjo and Kazooie to retrieve it, since he can't swim. As thanks for finding his treasure, he rewards them with a Jiggy. This task can be redone even after exiting and re-entering Treasure Trove Cove, except they are not rewarded with a Jiggy.