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Wozza's Cave

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Wozza's Cave is a location within Freezeezy Peak and is the home of Wozza in Banjo-Kazooie.


The cave itself is mostly empty. There is a campfire centered on the ground floor. A few large, colorful crystals are standing against the cave walls. An alcove appears in a side wall of Wozza's Cave, which has the level's Orange Jinjo at the edge. There is also a path leading to the Ice Key, which is blocked off by a transparent ice wall. It can only be removed if Banjo and Kazooie enter the Sandcastle cheat for the Ice Key.

The left side of Wozza's Cave has a freezing pool in a submerged tunnel. As a Walrus, Banjo can go through the tunnel leading to a hidden room. The room has an Extra Honeycomb Piece standing on a center platform, some collectible feathers and Eggs positioned against the wall, and a Chinker.


When Banjo first arrives at Freezeezy Peak, Wozza is standing outside of his cave. If Banjo approaches Wozza, he runs to his cave and prevents Banjo from entering. Banjo can only unblock the entrance to Wozza's Cave by transforming into a Walrus an then approaching Wozza in the same area. After gifting a Jiggy to Walrus Banjo, Wozza goes inside the cave whose entrance is left open for Banjo to enter as himself or under his Walrus transformation.

If Banjo enters as a walrus, Wozza acts welcoming toward him. By entering in his normal form, Wozza gets scared, begging Banjo to leave and take the Orange Jinjo out with im.



  • There is an underwater music variation for Wozza's Cave. It is uncommonly used, as Walrus Banjo only walks on the water in the submerged tunnel. The theme does play if Walrus Banjo loses a life on the water. In Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, this variation plays alongside the normal theme if the area is referenced in a music question.
  • If Walrus Banjo has not yet talked to Wozza, the entrance to Wozza's Cave is blocked by an invisible barrier. Walrus Banjo also cannot enter the cave during the race against Boggy. However, if regular Banjo is racing against Boggy and Wozza has been talked to earlier, there is a chance that he can enter Wozza's Cave, which is usually only possible while he is a walrus. Attempting to enter Wozza's Cave cancels the race, but Banjo is not teleported back to Boggy. The moment Boggy finishes the race, there is a chance that Banjo can enter, with the losing sound effect being played shortly beforehand.