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Grimlets are enemies found exclusively in Rusty Bucket Bay in Banjo-Kazooie. Three Grimlets populate the deck of The Rusty Bucket at all times, disguising themselves as three of the ship's six cowl ventilators. These stationary enemies can be hard to distinguish from the vents at a distance, but can be distinguished by their relatively light gray exterior texture and brownish interior.

If Banjo tries to approach a Grimlet, it will growl and bare its foreboding teeth; if Banjo gets too close, it will lunge at and bite Banjo, sending him flying backwards, sometimes even right off the deck and into the oily water below. They are in a pattern with 2 on each far on the Entrance Pad side and 1 in the middle in the side with the crane.

Grimlets are one of a few completely invincible enemies in the game - even the Wonderwing is ineffective against them and will make Banjo bounce back after touching them. Naturally, since Grimlets cannot be killed and will attack anything that comes too close, it is impossible to enter them like the three normal cowl vents on the ship.


  • In a pre-release build, Grimlets' eyes were inside their mouths.
  • Shooting an Egg at a Grimlet causes a biting sound to be heard.