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Clanker's Cavern

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Clanker's Cavern is a location in Banjo-Kazooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Clanker's Cavern is a polluted sewer and the home of Clanker, Gruntilda's mistreated garbage grinder.


Clanker's Cavern is the third world, and its entrance is located on the third floor of Gruntilda's Lair. The level requires eight Jiggies to open: five for the level's own Jigsaw Picture, plus three for the previous two levels. The Shock Spring Jump is also required. Gloop, a fish who creates bubbles for Banjo and Kazooie to breathe, also appears in this world. The only ability taught by Bottles in it is the Wonderwing.



Image Name Amount Location
BK XBLA Blue Egg icon.png Egg 40 -
BK XBLA Red Feather icon.png Red Feather 20 -
BK XBLA Golden Feather icon.png Golden Feather 15 -
BK XBLA Extra Honeycomb icon.png Extra Honeycomb Piece 2
  1. Under a pipe to the left of Clanker.
  2. Inside a pipe blocked by a grate to the left of Clanker.
BK XBLA Extra Life icon.png Extra Life 3
  1. Within the same pipe where the orange Jinjo is.
  2. Next to Clanker's left fin.
  3. On one of the alcoves behind Clanker.


Banjo and Kazooie swimming through hoops inside Clanker.
No. Official title (Player's Guide) Description
1 The Winding Tunnel Underwater, at the end of a long pipe in the world's intial chamber.
2 Crab Cakes The second Jiggy can be obtained after defeating the four Mutie-Snippets, located behind the world's main area.
3 The Deep Key Under Clanker, after the giant key has been passed through three times, the mechanical whale will be freed and go to the furface, where a Jiggy will appear on his back. Gloop's air bubbles help Banjo and Kazooie to not run out of air while freeing Clanker.
4 A Tall Tail After Clanker has been freed, Banjo and Kazooie can walk on his tail to reach a Jiggy, which is being blocked by a metal grate. The duo can then break it and use the Flap Flip move to reach the jigsaw piece.
5 The Blowhole Clanker, after having already been freed, launches the metal plug on his blowhole upwards every few seconds. Banjo and Kazooie can then stand atop it to reach some pipes above, where a Jiggy lies at the end of them.
6 The Gold Teeth The sixth Jiggy can be obtained after Clanker has already been freed, by firing eggs on his golden teeth to open and enter his body. Inside, a Jiggy can be found lying on the golden tooth to the right.
7 Inside Clanker Under Clanker's blowhole, a series of rotating blades can be found. After safely crossing them all, a Jiggy can be obtained.
8 The Wonderwing Inside Clanker, on a different section, a second set of rotating blades can be found. Here, however, as Bottles teaches Banjo and Kazooie how to use the Wonderwing just before them, they can be crossed by using the move.
9 Hoop Laws Inside Clanker, the ninth Jiggy appears once a series of hoops have been jumped through within 48 seconds.
10 The Jinjos Five Banjo and Kazooie must find all five Jinjos.


Color Location
BK XBLA Blue Jinjo icon.png
At the end of an underwater pipe beneath Clanker.
BK XBLA Green Jinjo icon.png
At the bottom of a deep well next to an anvil.
BK XBLA Orange Jinjo icon.png
Inside a pipe blocked by a metal grate, the same one as an Extra Life.
BK XBLA Purple Jinjo icon.png
Inside the tunnel on Clanker's left gill.
BK XBLA Yellow Jinjo icon.png
On a platform of the world's first chamber.

Witch Switch[edit]

Witch Switch of Clanker's Cavern.png

The Witch Switch is inside Clanker, under his blowhole.

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

  1. On Clanker's left golden tooth.
  2. Atop the pipe Banjo and Kazooie enter the world through.
  3. Inside a yellow pipe to the left of the entrance.
  4. Behind Clanker, can be reached by walking on his tail.
  5. On an alcove to the left of Clanker.

Nuts & Bolts[edit]

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Clanker's Cavern is mentioned in the description of Clanker in Banjoland.



Language Name Meaning
French Caverne de Clanker Clanker's Cavern
German Clanker's cavern Clanker's Cavern
Italian La Caverna di Clanker Clanker's Cavern
Japanese クランカーのどうくつ
Kurankā no Dōkutsu
Clanker's Cavern
Spanish La Caverna de Clanker Clanker's Cavern (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts)