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Limbos are skeletal enemies found in Mad Monster Mansion. They are the skeletal versions of Mum-mums but both the Mum-mums and Limbos act the same but they're physically different. Although their enormous heads appear to be large targets and most attacks will shatter their fragile bodies with relative ease, these undead baddies are particularly difficult to exterminate, as their bodies will reform within a few seconds of being hit.

Even so, Limbos are slow to react and can either be pushed over or completely ignored in some situations. If they prove themselves to be especially problematic, or if Banjo and Kazooie are low on health and could use some extra honeycombs, a quick use of the Wonderwing will put these corpses to rest once and for all.


  • Limbo's name seem to be derived from a strange fusion of the words 'limb' and 'bone'. However, it may also be a reference to Limbo, the upper area of Hell in Catholic theology. Their name may also refer to the game limbo, by the way they move.
  • Limbos share an ability with the Mario enemy "Dry Bones", an Undead Skeleton Koopa, as both cannot be defeated by normal means, both enemies' bodies shatter into pieces when attacked, both reform quickly after being shattered, and only special powers (Starman/White Racoon for Mario, Wonderwing for Banjo and Kazooie) will truly finish them off.