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Jigsaw Picture

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Banjo finds the Mumbo's Mountain Jigsaw Puzzle.
Not to be confused with Bottles' Moving Picture Game.

Jigsaw Pictures are an object in Banjo-Kazooie.

Location and uses[edit]

Jigsaw Pictures are used by Banjo and Kazooie to access a new location, usually a world. They have to put missing Jiggies into a world's picture, so Banjo and Kazooie can enter that world. There are 11 Jigsaw Pictures in total, nine of which unlock access to a new world. Bottles provides instructions on using the Jigsaw Puzzles, and even warns Banjo that placing a Jiggy causes it to be permanently stuck. Starting with Treasure Trove Cove's Jigsaw Picture, which requires two Jiggies, Banjo has the ability to remove a placed Jiggy. He also teaches Banjo how to place every Jiggy at once when the bear goes to complete his third Picture. Additionally, after completing the Mumbo's Mountain picture, dialogue from Grunty appears on screen: "That was such an easy fit, the others may just test your wit!"

The controls are as follows:

  • A Button - Add a Jiggy
  • Z Button - Add every Jiggy at once
  • Camera down Button - Remove a Jiggy before every one is placed
  • B Button - Exit the puzzle


At least 98 Jiggies are required to finish every puzzle, leaving a remainder of two Jiggies.

World Description Jiggies needed
Mumbo Mountain jigsaw picture.jpg
Mumbo's Mountain
Location: Right outside of the stage entrance.
Effect: A door from a nearby hill opens, and a sign reading Mumbo's Mountain appears on it.
Treasure Trove Cove jigsaw picture.jpg
Treasure Trove Cove
Location: To the right of the Grunty mural
Effect: A large chest opens, and a sign reading the world's name appears on it.
Clanker's Cavern jigsaw picture.jpg
Clanker's Cavern
Location: To the left of the Grunty mural, and can only be reached from the Shock Jump Pad.
Effect: A few silver bars blocking a pipe entrance rise up, and a sign of the world's name appears above the pipe.
Bubblegloop Swamp jigsaw picture.jpg
Bubblegloop Swamp
Location: Pounding on a switch at the end of a pipeline, guarded by a Grille Chompa, then swimming through the opened underwater passage. An upward spiraling path leads to the Jigsaw Picture.
Effect: A door opens on a hut in a swamp region, and a sign reading the world's name appears above the entrance.
Freezeezy Peak jigsaw picture.jpg
Freezeezy Peak
Location: In a tunnel behind the Bubblegloop Swamp entrance; either the Wading Boots or Crocodile Banjo are needed to harmlessly cross the piranha water leading to the tunnel. The tunnel leads to a snowy room, and the Jigsaw Picture is positioned on a nearby a ledge.
Effect: The door of a large structure in a snowy room opens, and the world sign appears just over the entrance.
Gobi's Valley jigsaw picture.jpg
Gobi's Valley
Location: At the end of a spiraling path in a lava room.
Effect: Opens a door on a tree, which the world sign then appears just above.
Mad Monster Mansion jigsaw picture.jpg
Mad Monster Mansion
Location: Banjo and Kazooie must go up a spiraling path near the Freezeezy Peak entrance, then swim through a few underwater tunnels, and swim past a Chump in a large room. They must use Flap Flip to jump between ledges until reaching the Jigsaw Puzzle.
Effect: The door of an old building opens, and the world sign hangs from the roof, slightly askew.
Rusty Bucket Bay jigsaw picture.jpg
Rusty Bucket Bay
Location: From the same spiraling path near Freezeezy Peak, the duo must swim into a path indicated from glowing, red eyes. They must destroy a crate with Rare's logo, and pound a switch to raise the water level. They must go into an entrance high up and take down a fragile gate within the room, where the Jigsaw Picture is located.
Effect: A metal door rises, and the world sign appears over the entrance.
Click Clock Wood jigsaw picture.jpg
Click Clock Wood
Location: After hitting a Jiggy Pad Switch, Banjo and Kazooie must backtrack to the room leading to the Treasure Trove Cove and Clanker's Cavern rooms each. They must swim down an underwater passage, which leads them to a room with a Jiggy Pad on a tree stump.
Effect: Lifts a wood door and spawns the world sign above the opened entrance.
Grunty's portrait.png
Location: At the top of the lair, past Grunty's Furnace Fun.
Effect: Opens the large door leading to Dingpot and the last four Note Doors.
Honeycomb Picture.png
Honeycomb Picture
Location: Hidden behind the 882 Note Door at the top of the tower, near Dingpot.
Effect: Unlike the previous Jigsaw Pictures, the Honeycomb Picture does not unlock a world, but rather doubles Banjo and Kazooie's maximum Honeycomb capacity from 8 to 16. The doubled energy bar is indicated by red honeycombs, one per normal Honeycomb based on the current amount of health.