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“I'm trapped, help! Get this thing off Snorkel!”
Snorkel, Banjo-Kazooie

Snorkel is a character in Banjo-Kazooie.


Snorkel is a dolphin encountered at Rusty Bucket Bay, where Banjo and Kazooie find him stuck under the anchor of the Rusty Bucket. To free Snorkel, the duo must swim into the Rusty Bucket from the hole that the anchor sticks out from. They must go through the Anchor Room, defeat five Grille Chompas in the hallway, then two Seaman Grublins, and lastly press the Anchor Switch to raise the anchor and free Snorkel. After doing so, Banjo and Kazooie must return to Snorkel to obtain a Jiggy. Snorkel then happily swims away.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese スノーケル