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Big Clucker

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A Big Clucker in the ending character parade

Big Cluckers are enemies found in Click Clock Wood and its world entrance at Gruntilda's Lair in Banjo-Kazooie. They are large, green birds that hide in holes in the walls and pop out their heads to attack when Banjo and Kazooie draw close. They behave very similar to Grille Chompas and Portrait Chompas do. However, their attack pattern is slightly different than that of the Grille and Portrait Chompas. Big Cluckers make a different sound such as a clucking parrot or something. Instead of making three bites and retreating, they will make a quick bite, retreat, make three bites, retreat, and make a single bite again, after which the process repeats with another quick bite. A well-timed Rat-a-tat Rap will finish them off in one hit.

The number of Big Cluckers in Click Clock Wood increases as the seasons progress, and they grow in size as well. They also change locations with each season, usually appearing in areas that are much higher and harder to reach on the giant tree. There are no Big Cluckers during the winter, presumably because they are migratory birds.


  • When Banjo and Kazooie defeat a Big Clucker the first time, it will show an animation of it being defeated.
  • Out of the enemies who are natives from a world, Big Clucker is the one who appears in highest number. In every season except winter, the Big Cluckers outnumber the number of any enemy in the other worlds.