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Click Clock Wood

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Click Clock Wood is the ninth world of Banjo-Kazooie. It is a forest revolving around the Click Clock Wood Tree in the center of the level. The world's central mechanic is its four different seasons, which alter part of the layout, characters and collectibles.

To enter Click Clock Wood, Banjo and Kazooie must have 69 Jiggies, 15 of which are needed for the level's own Jigsaw Picture. While the puzzle can be found very early in the game, in the same room that Treasure Trove Cove is entered from, there's initially no Jiggy Pad for Banjo and Kazooie to use, barring use of one of the "illegal" cheats. The legitimate way to make the pad appear is to use the Beak Buster on a switch near the level entrance. There's an orange Warp Cauldron that happens to connect to the Treasure Trove Cove area, making accessing the jigsaw puzzle easier.

Another notable feature of this world is the fact that, while one of Mumbo's Skulls exists in every season, Mumbo will only transform Banjo in the spring. In the summer, he's "too hot," in the fall, he's "too busy raking leaves," and he's "on vacation" in the wintertime, with a Beehive there instead to warn the duo.

Points of interest[edit]

World entrance



  1. Hatch Eyrie in Spring, feed him 5 Caterpillars in Summer, then 10 more Caterpillars in Autumn. Collect the Jiggy from him in Winter.
  2. Defeat the Zubbas in Summer.
  3. Collect 6 acorns in Autumn and give them to Nabnut.
  4. Plant eggs in the hole inside the fenced off area in Spring; Use the Beak Buster ability on Gobi in Summer and again in Autumn. Climb up to the Zubbas' beehive and drop down to the top of the flower to get the Jiggy.
  5. Beak Barge the boulder blocking Gnawty's house in Summer and collect the Jiggy in Autumn.
  6. In Spring, transform into the Bee and fly onto the highest platform on the tree. You may also do this in Winter using the flight pads, but just make sure you have plenty of red feathers.
  7. In Summer, go inside the tree house. You can also enter it in Autumn instead, which is comparably easier.
  8. In Summer, climb up the leaves at the side of the tree for a Jiggy. (Note: This is the same location where you will find the Witch Switch in Winter)
  9. In any of the seasons, go to the top of the tree and enter the Whipcrack-filled room.
  10. Find all 5 Jinjos.


The Jinjos of Click Clock Wood are found during different seasons, and their color is based on the season they appear in. The Pink and green ones represent flowers and grass of spring, yellow one represents the sun of summer, the orange one represents the orange, falling leaves of autumn, and the blue Jinjo represents the icy winter.

  • Blue - (Winter) On top of Mumbo's Skull.
  • Green - (Spring) In the Snarebear at the top of the tree.
  • Orange - (Autumn) On top of a pile of leaves by the fenced off area.
  • Pink - (Spring) In the beehive; you can enter there only as the bee.
  • Yellow - (Summer) At the entrance turn left; it's hidden in the grass at the corner.

Extra Honeycombs[edit]

  • One can be located inside Gnawty's Lodge during winter. You must look for a break in the ice in order to swim underwater. Be careful; the icy water acts just like the oily water in Rusty Bucket Bay, in that it saps your air twice as fast. Once inside Gnawty's house jump up on the higher shelf to the left next to the entrance to his House and the Honeycomb will be there.
  • One honeycomb is located in a room above the Squirrel's House. It can only be obtained during the winter, because it requires using the Beak Bomb on the window above the door to the house, and Flight Pads are only accessible in the winter. Once inside the secret room, the honeycomb can be found on top of a small platforming challenge against the back wall.

Witch Switch[edit]

  • The Witch Switch can be found in the Winter season in front of a Sir Slush on the tree's lower trunk (where a jiggy can be found in Summer). Use the Flight Pad to reach it (and possibly destroy the Sir Slush guarding it). It may be easier to hit the switch directly from flight as landing on the small platform without hitting the Sir Slush can be difficult.

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

There are 25 Mumbo Tokens in total.


  1. In a Snarebear near the entrance.
  2. In a Snarebear near the dirt site where you plant the giant flower.
  3. In the bramble field, on the left when facing the big tree from the Wading Boots' stump.
  4. On the lowest branches of the tree, above Mumbo's Skull.
  5. On the hive.
  6. Behind the under construction tree house.
  7. Inside Nabnut's house, on top of the wardrobe.
  8. In front of Eyrie's nest.


  1. In the entrance of Gnawty's lair, behind the boulder.
  2. In the corner facing the bramble field of the giant flower area, deep in the yellow grass.
  3. On a green leaf above the Jiggy reached by climbing the tree through the path of green leaves.
  4. On the lowest branches of the tree, above Mumbo's Skull.
  5. On the platforms after Nabnut's house.
  6. In a Snarebear between the entrance area field and the bramble field.
  7. Inside Mumbo's hut, on the top planks.


  1. In the Snarebear right in front of the entrance.
  2. On a leaf at the lowest branches of the tree, above Mumbo's Skull.
  3. On a leaf near the now completed tree house.
  4. In the Snarebear in front of the top room of the tree.
  5. In a leaf on the path of leaves next to the start of climbing the tree.


  1. Behind the stump on the frozen pond.
  2. Under the Sir Slush between the giant flower area and Mumbo's hut/bramble field.
  3. On the platform below the wooden ring next to Nabnut's house.
  4. Inside the destroyed hive.
  5. In the center of the giant flower's hole/dead giant flower.

Extra Lives[edit]


  • In the Snarebear located on the tree stump in the middle of the pond.
  • On the lowest branches of the tree, above Mumbo's Skull.
  • Two inside the top room of the tree.


  • In Bigbutt's area, in the corner between the tree bridge ramp and the dry river.
  • In the corner inside the half built tree house.
  • Inside the top room of the tree.


  • In the fireplace in Gnawty's lair.
  • In the Snarebear near the now completed tree house.
  • Inside the top room of the tree.


  • Under the ice covering the pond, right of the entrance (accessed through the hole on the other end of the pond, stop at Gnawty's lair to not drown).
  • Under the Sir Slush next to Nabnut's house.

Stop 'n' Swop[edit]

  • Yellow Mystery Egg - Located on Nabnut's Table during the winter



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Bois Clic-Clac Click Clock Wood
Italian Il Bosco Tic-Toc Tick Tock Forest
Japanese カッチコッチなもり
Katchikotchi na Mori
Tick Tock Forest
Spanish El Bosque del Reloj Tic-Tac Tick Tock Clock Forest


  • According to Gregg Mayles, Click Clock Wood was the hardest level for him to design, accounting for many of the Rare Ltd. games he worked on.[1]
  • Click Clock Wood's spring theme was the first track Grant Kirkhope wrote for Banjo-Kazooie,[2] having been based on the 1911 ragtime love song "Oh, You Beautiful Doll."
  • Click Clock Wood's spring theme is one of the two songs that the Stereo vehicle part in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts can play, alongside Freezeezy Peak's theme.
  • A sign that says "On Vacation" exists in the game's files. This was likely intended to be the original way to inform the player that Mumbo was out during winter, instead of the Beehive seen in the final game.