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Mumbo's Mountain

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Mumbo's Mountain is the first level in Banjo-Kazooie. It takes place in a mountainous jungle area featuring a tribal village. It features a tall termite tower known as Ticker's Tower, a structure resembling the Stonehenge, a small river in the lowest area (with a wooden bridge over it), and two large slopes. There are several ledges on the slopes that often have Eggs or Musical Notes. The level boss is Conga, who is standing atop an orange tree.

The entrance to Mumbo's Mountain is located just to the right of the entrance to Gruntilda's Lair. The Jigsaw Picture is located right next to the entrance beyond a small fenced area. Only one Jiggy is needed to fill it in.

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, the Stonehenge-like structure and the slope that it rests on were recreated for the Banjoland world. It has a larger appearance and sits among the Kickball Pitch, Golden Goliath and Targitzan on the top of the hill.


Image Enemy Count
Beehive B-K.png Beehive 2
Bigbutt.png Bigbutt 1
Grublin.png Grublin 5
Ticker (B-K).png Ticker 7

Items and collectibles[edit]

Image Name Amount
BK XBLA Blue Egg icon.png Egg 40[1]
BK XBLA Extra Honeycomb icon.png Extra Honeycomb Piece
  1. In a small alcove on a hill above the lake. The Extra Honeycomb Piece can be obtained as a Termite or by jumping down from the top of the hill carefully.
  2. When one segment of Juju is left, Banjo must jump on it and perform Flap Flip with Kazooie to reach the Extra Honeycomb Piece.
BK XBLA Extra Life icon.png Extra Life
  1. On top of Ticker's Tower
  2. Contained in one of the huts surrounding Juju
BK XBLA Orange icon.png Orange 1 (hanging from the orange tree)


No. Official title (Player's Guide) Description
1 In a Shaman's Eye The first Jiggy is in the right eye socket of Mumbo's Hut. Banjo and Kazooie can reach it by performing a Flap Flip.
2 Crash the Party The second Jiggy is contained within a small hut around the Juju totem. Banjo and Kazooie must perform Beak Buster to release the Jiggy.
3 Run for the Ruins On a small platform centered inside the Stonehenge-like structure.
4 The Way of the Trot At the start and to the right is a steep slope with platforms. The fourth Jiggy is floating above one of the platforms, and it can be reached via Talon Trot or as Termite Banjo.
5 Orange Crush There are three tiles depicting an orange that surround Conga's orange. Banjo must walk on a tile for Conga to throw an orange on it. When Conga throws an orange, Banjo must quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit. After doing this two more times, a Jiggy appears nearby.
6 Bear-ing Gifts Banjo must climb up the orange tree, collect an orange and walk over to Chimpy with it. He takes the orange from Banjo and leaves a Jiggy behind. Chimpy goes off the stump, causing it to raise slightly and allowing Banjo and Kazooie to reach the higher ledges with eggs and the Witch Switch.
7 Gorilla Warfare After collecting a Jiggy from Chimpy, Banjo and Kazooie must Flap Flip to a tree stump platform, It is straight across from Conga, who is standing on an orange tree around the same height. From the platform, Kazooie must fire seven eggs at Conga. After doing so, a Jiggy drops from the tree and on the ground.
8 Termite Transformation As a termite, Banjo must climb up the interior of Ticker's Tower. The exit is at the top, and it leads to the very top of to Ticker's Tower, which a Jiggy hovers above slightly.
9 Shooting from the Lip Kazooie must fire an egg into the mouth of each Juju segment. The Juju spins slightly faster each time a segment breaks away. After Kazooie fires an egg into all four segments, a Jiggy is revealed.
10 The Jinjos Five Banjo and Kazooie must find all five Jinjos.


Color Location
BK XBLA Blue Jinjo icon.png
On an island in the middle of the river.
BK XBLA Green Jinjo icon.png
Inside one of the small huts surrounding Juju.
BK XBLA Orange Jinjo icon.png
Standing on the left edge on top of the Stonehenge-like structure.
BK XBLA Purple Jinjo icon.png
Standing on a platform near the Start/Exit Pad.
BK XBLA Yellow Jinjo icon.png
On a slope between the Stonehenge-like structure and the orange tree

Witch Switch[edit]

Image Location
Witch Switch of Mumbo's Mountain.png The Witch Switch is on a tall stump across from the orange tree with Conga. Banjo can only reach it after giving an orange to Chimpy. After pounding the switch, a Jiggy appears on top of the mountain in the hub of Gruntilda's Lair. Banjo can only reach the Jiggy by leaving Mumbo's Mountain as a termite in order to scale up the mountain.

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

No. Location
1 Behind the purple Jinjo
2 On a tall stump to the left of the orange tree
3 On a small ramp at the bottom of Ticker's Tower
4 Behind the Stonehenge-like structure
5 Under the small ramp to Mumbo's Hut


There are three molehills in Mumbo's Mountain, making it the level with the most molehills.

  • Beak Buster - learned from a molehill near Mumbo's Hut
  • Egg Firing - learned from a molehill on a tree stump platform across from Conga's orange tree
  • Talon Trot - learned from a molehill in front of the Stonehenge-like structure


As the name suggests, Mumbo's Mountain has a Mumbo's Hut, and is the first level to have one. If Banjo and Kazooie have collected all five Mumbo Tokens in the area, Mumbo Jumbo can transform Banjo into a termite.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Montagne de Mumbo Mumbo's Mountain
German Mumbo's Mountain Mumbo's Mountain
Italian Montagna di Mumbo Mumbo's Mountain
Japanese マンボまうんてん
Manbo Maunten
Mumbo Mountain
Spanish Montaña de Mumbo (N&B) Mumbo's Mountain


  • The theme that plays in Ticker's Tower was originally the theme for Mumbo's Mountain itself.[2]
  • Mumbo's Mountain is the only level that neither has a Flight Pad nor a Shock Jump Pad. By extension, it is the only level to not have any Red Feathers, and one of two levels with no Gold Feathers.
  • A recreated version of Mumbo's Mountain was used as a test level in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for testing the vehicle mechanics.[3]


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