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Freezeezy Peak

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Freezeezy Peak is the fifth world in Banjo-Kazooie. It is an icy, mountainous area surrounding a giant snowman.



In Banjo-Kazooie, Freezeezy Peak's entrance is located on the sixth floor of Gruntilda's Lair, at the end of a drain pipe behind Bubblegloop Swamp's entrance. 23 Jiggies are needed to enter: eight for the level's own Jigsaw Puzzle, and 15 for the prior levels. The jigsaw puzzle is located inside a "secret" pipe behind the Bubblegloop Swamp entrance, but Banjo and Kazooie will have to either use the Wading Boots or leave the Swamp as the crocodile to access it, as the pipe has the piranha-infested water gimmick to contend with. The latter is preferable so that they can access Cheato in a smaller pipe nearby. The only move Bottles teaches in this world is Beak Bomb.


In Banjo-Pilot, Freezeezy Peak appears as a course in Honeycomb Cup of Bottles GP. Freezeezy Peak R, an altered version of the same track, also appears in Pumpkin Cup of Grunty GP.




Image Enemy Count
Beehive B-K.png Beehive 4
Sir Slush.png Sir Slush 5
Chinker.png Chinker 4
Twinkly Muncher.png Twinkly Muncher 3
Ticker (B-K).png Ticker 2

Items and collectibles[edit]


Image Name Amount Location
BK XBLA Blue Egg icon.png Egg 50 -
BK XBLA Red Feather icon.png Red Feather 75 -
BK XBLA Extra Honeycomb icon.png Extra Honeycomb Piece 2
  • Beneath a Sir Slush near the houses.
  • Inside Wozza's Cave.
BK XBLA Extra Life icon.png Extra Life 3
  • Atop Mumbo's Skull.
  • In the hidden passage of Wozza's Cave.
  • At the end of Boggy's sledding course.
BT XBLA Ice Key icon.png Ice Key 1


No. Official title (Player's Guide) Description
1 Inside the snowman's pipe The first Jiggy is located inside the pipe of the giant snowman.
2 Bounce on Boggy To obtain the second Jiggy, the player must climb the giant snowman, find a sled on its scarf and jump on it. The sled will ride down and crash into Boggy's stomach, forcing the Jiggy out.
3 Bomb the buttons Beak Bomb all three buttons on the giant snowman and the third Jiggy will pop out between the snowman's legs.
4 Hat bashing Use the Beak Bomb attack on the hats of all the Sir Slushes in Freezeezy Peak. After defeating all 5 of them, the fourth Jiggy will appear inside a Chinker at the very top of the giant snowman. You will need to fly to the top to get this Jiggy.
5 Sled race part I After sliding Boggy's sled into his stomach, Banjo must transform into a Walrus and talk to Boggy in an area near the ramp leading to the Entrance Pad (and his igloo). Banjo has to race Boggy through all the slalom gates without missing any. At first, the gates are red, but they turn light green once Banjo slides through them. If Walrus Banjo wins, the fifth Jiggy appears from the awards podium.
6 A walrus welcome Banjo must transform into a walrus and then talk to Wozza, who then gives him a Jiggy.
7 Light up the tree Use the Beak Buster on the shaking Christmas box near the Christmas tree to start a challenge. The objective is for Banjo and Kazooie to assist 10 Twinklies in safely moving across the path and then entering the Christmas tree within 80 seconds. There are three Twinkly Munchers that appear from the holes along the path, and Banjo and Kazooie must defeat them to stop them from eating a Twinkly. Shortly after a Twinkly Muncher is defeated, it reappears from its hole. Banjo and Kazooie do not lose the challenge if any Twinklies are eaten, but only if they do not help out at least ten on time. Once this part is completed, a power switch appears on the back of the Christmas tree for the second part of the challenge. The Twinklies have scattered across the Christmass tree, but they do not have any power to light up. Kazooie has to fire three eggs at the "ON" switch found on the back of the tree. Lastly, a timer appears, and Banjo and Kazooie must fly through the star on top of the Christmas tree three times. Once this is done, a Jiggy that was enclosed in a case can be obtained within the Christmas tree. Banjo and Kazooie must climb to the top of the Christmas tree to enter it and obtain the Jiggy.
8 Find three presents Find three different colored presents in Freezeezy Peak and gift them to Groggy, Soggy, and Moggy in the igloo. Banjo cannot do this challenge as a walrus. Once all three presents have been given, a Jiggy will appear on the table. The presents' locations are:
  • Red: Inside the Christmas tree at the lowest level.
  • Blue: On the giant snowman's nose.
  • Green: On a small island behind the snowman.
9 Sled race part II After beating Boggy as a Walrus, he returns to the initial starting area asking for both Banjo and Kazooie to race instead. The rules of the race are the same, although Banjo and Kazooie must use Turbo Trainers in order to be fast enough to win. A Jiggy will pop out of the awards podium if you win. This marks the only instance where a world cannot be fully completed on the first visit because the Turbo Trainers are learned in the following world, Gobi's Valley.
10 The Jinjos five Find all 5 Jinjos.


Color Location
BK XBLA Blue Jinjo icon.png
On top of the snowman's broom.
BK XBLA Green Jinjo icon.png
Behind the house that has a Flight Pad on its chimney.
BK XBLA Orange Jinjo icon.png
Inside Wozza's cave in a small alcove.
BK XBLA Purple Jinjo icon.png
On top of the pile of presents near Bottles.
BK XBLA Yellow Jinjo icon.png
Inside Mumbo's Skull on the shelves.

Witch Switch[edit]

Image Location
The Witch Switch is under a Sir Slush close to the Christmas tree. After being pressed, it will open a compartment in the box framing the world's entrance, which grants access to another switch. When pressed, it makes a Flight Pad appear in Gruntilda's Lair for 12 seconds. Turbo Trainers must then be worn so that the pad can be reached in time, allowing the duo to fly and collect a Jiggy.

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

No. Location
1 At the tip of the snowman's scarf
2 Under a Sir Slush
3 Under a Sir Slush
4 Behind the table in Boggy's Igloo
5 On the Christmas tree's pot.
6 Next to the snowman's right foot
7 Next to the snowman's left foot
8 In the water near where the snowman's scarf can be climbed on foot.
9 Behind some gift boxes near Bottles' molehill.
10 Above a Flight Pad atop a chimney.




Language Name Meaning
French Pic Polaire Polar Peak
German Freezeezy Peak Freezeezy Peak
Italian Freezeeazy Peak Freezeezy Peak
Japanese フローズンズンやま
Frozenzen Peak
Spanish El Pico Congelado Frozen Peak


  • The level entrance looks like a retail-sold Advent calendar, likely related to the Christmas theme.
  • A part, a refrigerator, in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is named "Freezeezy" after this level. It freezes the target for several seconds. The snowman is also featured in Banjoland, albeit a bit melted.
  • Freezeezy Peak's theme is one of two themes available on the stereo vehicle part in Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, the other being Click Clock Wood.
  • Likely for the sake of completeness, the main level and Wozza's cave themes have underwater variants even though Banjo can't legitimately dive into the water and swim. However, the Wozza theme can be heard through glitches by either dying in the cave, or getting the theme for a Grunty's Furnace Fun question; in the latter case, the normal and water themes play together.
  • This is the only level in Banjo-Kazooie that requires a move learned from a level above it to obtain a Jiggy. By contrast, Banjo-Tooie makes heavy use of backtracking.
  • Freezeezy Peak is referenced in Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. After completing the pipe puzzle in the desert area, a living pipe will exclaim "I hereby declare this spot 'Breezeezy Peak'."