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Acorns are items only found in Click Clock Wood in Autumn. There are a total of six acorns that must be collected and given to Nabnut, which he will eat so that he does not starve during the Winter. If Banjo and Kazooie give all six acorns to Nabnut, he awards them with a Jiggy.


  • Inside Nabnut's house on the highest shelf.
  • At the bottom of Nabnut's Pool.
  • Two are located nearby Nabnut in the circle with Red Feathers on it. One is at the back of the circle and can be reached by doing a Flap Flip, and the other is at the center of the circle.
  • At the edge of a walkway sticking out of the platform with a Grublin Hood on it, somewhat near Nabnut.
  • Off of the same platform with the Grublin Hood on it, there is a steep ramp going down that requires the Talon Trot to reach.


  • Although Nabnut is seen eating a pile of acorns in the summer, he only needs six of them to survive through the winter.
  • Acorns are the only collectible items that do not explain their purpose to Banjo and Kazooie.