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List of Nuts & Bolts vehicle parts

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The article lists every vehicle part in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, and sorted by category.


“Bear need one of these to control vehicle. Use brain, stupid bear.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Seats Strength Weight Mumbo's quote Amount
Standard Seat Medium Very low "Not fancy but it do job well enough. Mumbo think inflatable Banjo look like real thing." 1
Strong Seat Very high Low "Shaman attach big bars to this, so plenty strong. Bear very safe in this seat." 1
Scuba Seat Medium Low "Mumbo fix oxygen bottles to seat so bear can go underwater and not need air." 1
Super Seat Very high Low "Oomenacka! This more like throne than seat. Strong, light and airtight. Mumbo always want one of these." 1


“Allow bear to carry other people in vehicle”
Mumbo Jumbo
Seats Strength Weight Mumbo's quote Amount
Small Taxi Seat High Very low "This allow 1 small passenger to be carried. Not in best condition, but comfy." 4
Large Taxi Seat High Low "Mumbo borrow flea-ridden sofa from bear's house, carry 1 big passenger or 2 small ones." 4


“Think, bear. Vehicle not go across land very well if not have any wheels”
Mumbo Jumbo
Wheels Strength Weight Grip Mumbo's quote Amount
Standard Wheel Medium Very low Low "These not provide much grip, but at least they not square." 16
High-Grip Wheel Medium Very low High "Tires on this wheel have plenty grip, but slightly reduce vehicle speed." 16
Super Wheel Very high Very low High "Oomenacka! Best wheels bear can get. Lots of grip and no reduction of vehicle speed." 16
Monster Wheel High Low Medium "Big wheels look cool and run great over rough ground, but vehicle top speed go down quite a lot." 8


“Make vehicle move. Simple enough even for bear to understand.”
Mumbo Jumbo


“Engines make wheels go round and propellers turn.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Power Strength Weight Power Fuel Required Mumbo's quote Amount
Small Engine High Low Low Low "This one not provide much power, but still useful as it small and not need much fuel." 4
Medium Engine High Low Medium Medium "More power than small one, but bit bigger and need more fuel." 4
Large Engine High Medium High High "Plenty of power from this, but big and use lots of fuel." 4
Super Engine High Low High Medium "Oomenacka! Bear do good. Best engine in game have most power and not use much fuel." 2


“Make vehicle move and not need any fuel.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Power Strength Weight Power Mumbo's quote Amount
Sail Low Low Low "Mumbo's amazing sail, make vehicle move without fuel or wind! Press button to close sail and generate small amount of power." 6


“Bear hear loud noise and see flames, then vehicle go much fast.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Power Strength Weight Power Fuel Required Mumbo's quote Amount
Small Jet High Low High High "This more powerful than all engines but use more fuel than all engines too." 4
Large Jet High Medium Very high Very high "Doubt bear can handle power from big jet. Make all vehicles go very fast but need most fuel." 4


“If engines and jets not have fuel, bear's vehicle not move.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Fuel Strength Weight Fuel Capacity Mumbo's quote Amount
Small Fuel High Very low Low Not much fuel in this one, but smallest and lightest. 4
Medium Fuel High Low Medium "More fuel than small one, so vehicles go further." 4
Large Fuel High Low High "Much fuel in this, but biggest and heaviest." 4
Super Fuel High Very low Very high "Oomenacka! Where bear get this? Small, light and contain most fuel. Very good. Bear drive whole way to Piñata Island!" 4


“Lots of objects to carry in this game. Good job Mumbo make some containers.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Storage Strength Weight Size Mumbo's quote Amount
Tray Very high Medium 4x3x1 "Bear can load objects into this for vehicle to carry around." 2
Large Tray Very high High 8x7x1 "Bigger version of Tray, this allows larger objects to be carried." 2
Box Very high Medium 4x3x2 "Small box with high sides so bear can carry objects more safely." 2
Large Box Very high Very high 8x7x2 "Big box with high sides so bear can carry larger objects safely." 2


“Ammo make weapons work and bad guys go 'ouch'.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Ammo Strength Weight Ammo capacity Mumbo's quote Amount
Small Ammo High Medium Low "Not much ammo in this one, so it small and light." 4
Medium Ammo High Medium Medium "More ammo than small version, so bear shoot more bad guys." 4
Large Ammo High High High "Contain much ammo, but biggest and heaviest." 4
Super Ammo High Medium Very high "Oomenacka! Mumbo impressed. This part small, light and contain most ammo. Bear get to be trigger happy!" 4


“Build basic shape of vehicle with these.”
Mumbo Jumbo


“These ones not weigh much, but also not very strong.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Body Strength Weight Amount
Light Cube Very low Very low 200
Light Wedge Very low Very low 200
Light Corner Very low Very low 200
Light Pole Very low Very low 200
Light L-Pole Very low Very low 200
Light T-Pole Very low Very low 200
Light Panel Very low Very low 200
Light L-Panel Very low Very low 200
Light T-Panel Very low Very low 200


“Nice and strong like Mumbo, but weigh lets like tubby bear.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Body Strength Weight Amount
Heavy Cube Medium Low 150
Heavy Wedge Low Low 150
Heavy Corner Low Very low 150
Heavy Pole Low Very low 150
Heavy L-Pole Low Very low 150
Heavy T-Pole Low Very low 150
Heavy Panel Low Low 150
Heavy L-Panel Low Low 150
Heavy T-Panel Low Low 150


Body Strength Weight Amount
Super Cube Medium Very low 100
Super Wedge Low Very low 100
Super Corner Low Very low 100
Super Pole Low Very low 100
Super L-Pole Low Very low 100
Super T-Pole Low Very low 100
Super Panel Low Very low 100
Super L-Panel Low Very low 100
Super T-Panel Low Very low 100


“Mumbo's favorites. Make vehicles do all kinds of crazy and useful things!”
Mumbo Jumbo
Gadgets Strength Weight Mumbo's quote Amount
Aerial Very low Very low "Bear sometimes hear things with this. Mumbo not say what, though." (The player can listen Grunty's voice transmissions during her Challenges). 1
Chameleon Low Very high "Vehicle go all wibbly and hard to see when bear press button. Like film with muscle man and big bad alien." 1
Detacher Low Low "Attach bits of vehicle to this and press button to detach. Like when big space rocket drop empty fuel tanks." 4
Ejector Seat Medium Low "Make vechile like secret agent car. Press button and bear fly from seat!" 1
Gyroscope Low Low "Make vehicle do crazy spins and somersaults when bear hold button and move left stick!" 2
Horn Very low Very low A horn that blows a loud beep tat scares ghosts and people! 1
Liquid Squirter Medium Medium "Fancy water pistol. Bear dip in liquid then press button to squirt out. Perfect for clown car." 2
Replenisher Medium Very high "This automatically refill fuel and ammo. Mumbo explain that one so well so not say any more" 2
Robofix Medium Very high 3
Self-Destruct Medium Low "Press button and vehicle explode into many pieces. Oomenacka!" 1
Spec-O-Spy Medium High "Nosey Bottles device to automatically find Jinjos and spy on things when bear press button" 1
Spoiler Very low Very low "Help make land vehicles perform better. Hard to explain why, but Mumbo not understand air flow nonsense." 8
Spotlight Low Low "Surely even dim bird know what this is? press button to switch light on and off." 6
Spring Medium Low "Put sping underneath to make vehicle jump when bear press button. Or put on side, or even on top if bear really insist." 10
Sticky Ball Medium Medium "Press button to fire out ball on chain. Ball stick to things for bear to pull around. Press button again to relase object and pull chain back in. Mumbo proud of this one." 2
Suck n' Blow Medium High "Can blow things away and suck things nearer when press button. Mumbo recommend put blow on one button and suck on different button. Hopefully bear find a use for it." 2
Tow Bar Medium Low 8
Vacuum High High 2


“Defend vehicle from bad guy attacks.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Protection Strength Weight Effect Amount
Bumper Very high Low A metal 'shield' that pushes objects away that touch it. May cause a vehicle to get stuck in small spaces. Creative players can use them to create bouncy vehicles, or so says Mumbo. 12
Armor Very high Medium Protects an area of one cube. 48
Energy Shield Medium Very high Protects the entire vehicle from all damage until it gives out. 1
Smoke Sphere Low Low A sphere that releases smoke when the button is pressed, covering the vehicle. 1

Fly and float[edit]

“If bear want to build vehicles that go in sky or water, might want to look in here.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Fly and Float Strength Weight Power Misc. Amount
Sinker High Very high None A very heavy anchor that has no purpose other than adding weight. It allows the vehicle to sink faster, ironically placed in the "Fly and "FLOAT" section. 4
Balloon Very low Very low Low Lets a vehicle float if there is enough lift. Bad Balloon placement causes tipping. 18
Floater Low Very low None Lets a vehicle switch between sinking and swimming. 16
Air Cushion High Low Low Allows the vehicle to float on water, but cannot be turned off. Used to create hovercraft-style vehicles. 4


“Everybody know what wings do. Bear make things like gliders and planes. Mumbo recommend have at least one wing on each side, or probably go a bit wobbly.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Fly and Float Strength Weight Misc. Amount
Standard Wings High Low Let a vehicle fly. Can be used underwater for Sub-Aquatic Vehicles. 6
Folding Wings Medium Low Wings that can be deployed and retrieved for both air and ground travel. Can be deployed underwater for Sub-Aquatic Vehicles. 6


“Cool vehicles like helicopters, planes and boats use these. Need engine to make them work!”
Mumbo Jumbo
Fly and Float Strength Weight Misc. Amount
Small Propeller Medium Very low Allows the vehicle to travel through water and air better. 6
Large Propeller High Low A larger propeller. 6
Large Folding Propeller High Low A large propeller that can turn a grounded vehicle into a flying one and vice versa. 6


“Attack bad guys with wide range of shaman firepower.”
Mumbo Jumbo


“Less powerful weapons, but not need any ammo to work.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Weapons Strength Weight Damage caused Effect Amount
Fulgore's Fist High Low Medium A metal hand that will turn into a fist and punch whatever is in front of it when the vehicle is going at a high speed. 2
Boot-In-A-Box Medium Low Medium A boot that comes out of a box that knocks away objects. 3
Spike Low Very low Low Spikes that hurt opponents when run into. 16

Uses ammo[edit]

“These weapons powerful, but need ammo or not work.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Weapons Strength Weight Ammo required Damage Effect Amount
Freezeezy Medium Medium Low Low Shoots a projectile that freezes the target and disables driving and most gadgets/weapons. 2
Egg Turret Medium Medium Very low Very low Fires eggs in a straight line (also aims at enemy as above); must enter separate turret seat to control. 3
Weldar's Breath Medium Low High High A flamethrower that resembles Weldar from Banjo-Tooie. 2
Egg Gun Low Low Very low Very low Rapid-fires eggs in a straight line. Will shoot straight at an enemy if it's within approximately 20 degrees of the barrel. 5
Grenade Gun Medium Low Medium Medium Fires Grenade Eggs, which move straight and are affected by gravity. 6
Rust Bin Medium Low Low Low Shoots a rust ball that attaches to an enemy and sucks the energy from it, gradually lowering the strength of all its parts, allowing it to be broken apart more easily. 2
Grenade Turret High High Medium Medium Fires Grenade Eggs; must enter separate turret seat to control. 3
Torpedile Medium High Very high Very high Fires homing missiles that work both above land and in water. 2
Laser Low High Very high Very high Fires a laser beam that does continuous damage. 2
Mumbo Bombo Medium Low Medium Medium Shoots bombs that roll around and do not explode unless they hit something. It resembles Mumbo's head. 3
Clockwork Kazooie Medium Medium High High Shoots automatically and homes in on targets. Under certain conditions, it can hit the shooter. 3
Citrus Slick Low Low Low Low Shoots oranges that make turning difficut when ran over. 1
E.M.P. Medium High High High Will temporarily make all gadgets of anything in the electrical field it produces useless, including the gadgets on your vehicles. 1


“Bear customize vehicle with selection of cool Mumbo-approved bits and pieces.”
Mumbo Jumbo
Accessories Strength Weight Amount
Cruisin' Light Very low Very low 2
Mirror Very low Very low 4
Papery Pal Very low Very low 1
Plant Pot Very low Very low 1
Spirit of Pants Very low Very low 1
Stereo Medium Low 1
Tag Plate Very low Very low 2
Windscreen Very low Very low 2

Stop 'n' Swop[edit]

Stop 'N' Swop Accessories Strength Weight Item Required Amount
Beacon Very low Very low Green Mystery Egg 1
Disco Ball Very low Very low Red Mystery Egg 1
Flag Very low Very low Ice Key 2
Fluffy Dice Very low Very low Pink Mystery Egg 1
Goldfish Very low Very low Blue Mystery Egg 1
Googly Eyes Very low Very low Yellow Mystery Egg 2
Mole-On-A-Pole Very low Very low Cyan Mystery Egg 1