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“I am Targitzan, mighty Mayan god of target shooting! Prepare to meet thy dart-ridden doom!”
Targitzan, Banjo-Tooie

Targitzan is a recurring character in the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Physical traits[edit]

Targitzan is a powerful Mayan deity that resembles a totem pole. He is made up of a four spinning segments, which all consist of targets and dart-spitting faces, and a head on top. Targitzan's head is a sandstone monument with an intricate headdress-like structure at the top and glowing, green eyes perched right about his bucktoothed mouth. Targitzan cannot move around, so he is confined to the center of the arena. Targitzan's head is accompanied by two hands. His lowest segment has two feet, one on each side.



Targitzan is the first boss of Banjo-Tooie, where he is subtitled "Despotic Dizzy Totem God." He gives Banjo and Kazooie his own challenge. He at first tells Banjo and Kazooie to learn the Breegull Blaster in order to enter the temple's challenge. In the temple, Banjo and Kazooie must first aim for gaining ten Targitzan Statues to enter his Slightly Sacred Chamber, where a Jiggy lies for them to collect. The duo must collect all twenty Targitzan Statues to gain entry to the Really Sacred Chamber.

When the duo enter the Really Sacred Chamber, they find an unguarded Jiggy conveniently placed on the floor, just like the one in the Slightly Sacred Chamber. They discuss how easy their mission will be, if all of the Jiggies are placed like this, but suddenly the gate closes behind them and Targitzan rises out of the ground, towering very high above them, with a Jiggy on his head.

In the boss battle, Targitzan starts to spin each of his segments in the middle of the arena. Using Breegull Blaster, Kazooie must shoot Blue Eggs or Golden Eggs at each of the four targets on Targitzan's lowest segment. Each time a target is hit, it starts to glow, although if Banjo and Kazooie are not quick enough, the targets stop glowing, requiring the duo to fire at them again. When all four targets glow, the segment is destroyed. Targitzan then summons a Moggi, whom Banjo and Kazooie must defeat. After defeating it, Targitzan starts to spin again.

The next lowest segment has a face on one side, and it spits a dart whenever it faces Banjo and Kazooie. If the duo are hit by a dart, they lose health. Around the arena are shield-like objects that the duo can hide behind, especially to dodge targets, but these are destroyed after several hits and do not regenerate. After the second segment is destroyed, Targitzan summons two Moggies to battle the duo. Subsequent segments each have one more face than the previous one, and once destroyed, Targitzan spawns one more Moggi than before.

Once all four segments are gone, Targitzan makes a final attempt to destroy Banjo and Kazooie with a "sacred self-destruct." After three seconds, Targitzan self-destructs, causing darts to fire in every direction. After Targitzan disappears, a Jiggy falls back to its previous placement for the duo to easily obtain.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[edit]

A submerged Targitzan statue from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.
“This Despotic Dizzy Totem God provided some good old-fashioned boss action, shooting game style. He lived in his really sacred chamber in Mayahem Temple, a level with lots of temples.”
Infopost, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

A golden statue of Targitzan's head appears in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as one of the exhibits in Banjoland, near the Mumbo's Mountain Stonehenge. At first, the statue is not visible until Banjo and Kazooie press a nearby button, causing the statue to rise out of the ground and spit soccer balls from its mouth. Specifically, this statue resembles the "Sacred Priceless Relic Thingy," a priceless artifact built in the likeness of Targitzan that Chief Bloatazin lost in Banjo-Tooie.

A smaller statue of Targitzan appears at the bottom of the museum's lake. It can be disassembled with either Mumbo's Wrench or by crashing into it. This Targitzan statue retains its Banjo-Tooie appearance.



Language Name Meaning
German Targitzan
Durchgedrehter Totem-Gott
Insane Totem God
Japanese ターゲザン
Whirl Totem God
Spanish Apuntzan
Despótico Dios Tótem Mareado
From apuntar (point)
Despotic Dizzy Totem God