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List of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts glitches

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This is a list of glitches from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.


Banjoland Glitter Gulch lamps[edit]

When you try to move the lanterns in the Glitter Gulch exhibit, they may glitch up and start flying. They appear to be movable objects, but they weren't supposed to be moved, so they mess up and fly at random. This is especially obvious when you try to use a Sticky Ball to grab them. They will stop moving, but in a few cases they will stop in a position away from where they started.

Bumper physics glitch[edit]

This glitch utilizes the vehicle physics engine. If a vehicle is heavy enough and has Bumpers, light objects that hit the Bumpers will be knocked far away. The force of the bounce is determined by how much heavier the Vehicle is than the object that hit the Bumper. If the object being pushed is against a thin wall, it will enter the wall. If the object is Banjo, this can be used as an out of bounds glitch similar to the grenade turret trick.

Going out of bounds can be done any place with a wall. First, make a very heavy vehicle, without wheels and with Bumpers, then place the bumpers against a wall. After doing so, Banjo must move between the Bumpers and wall, then walk to the Bumpers. If done correctly, Banjo will quickly break into the wall (and possibly fall to the reset zone, therefore resetting the level.)

Flying vehicle glitch[edit]

This allows your vehicle to fly and bypass barriers such as the laser doors. To perform the glitch, you must put an object on your trolley (a section of iron fence probably works best for stability, but a box or crate will do in a pinch), jump on the object, and lift up your trolley with the Wrench, while you are standing on the object. Although you can use it to fly, it is a bit hard to control.

Freeze game from Clanker glitch[edit]

When doing the Act 4 mission "Spring Break!" in Banjoland, if you ram Clanker's eyes or whack him with the wrench, the Xbox 360 claims that this disc is unreadable and causes you to return to the Xbox Dashboard. Doing this glitch on the Xbox One causes the game to stop responding and then crash to the Home screen.

Grenade turret glitch[edit]

To perform this glitch, simply put a lone grenade turret on the ground, on its side. Get in, rotate the turret and aim so that the camera goes through the ground. Jump, and if done correctly, Banjo should fall through the ground. Doing this under Spiral Mountain and selecting a vehicle that can float, you can explore and find some evil eyes that are smoke that come out of a LOG's factory (though it is hollow).

Holding an item while driving[edit]

This glitch cannot be used in a Jiggy or Jinjo game, but can be used to complete certain achievements such as "Great Balls of Fire"

First, one must get out of their vehicle in a game world, then go to the object they wish to carry, such as a Bawl in Spiral Mountain, or a ball in the Jiggoseum, then press Start and select "Change Vehicle." Before the screen whites out, they will have a brief moment to pick up the item. When the vehicle appears, they will be in it, holding the item. There is no need to hold the right trigger to hold the item when they're in the vehicle. To drop the item, simply exit the vehicle. If the vehicle they're inside has too much power, and is too fast, they may accidentally drop the item.

Stopping the gears glitch[edit]

In Nutty Acres, there are many gears on the edge of the world, in the water. Some of them are half in the ground, in the water, and above the water. To stop these gears, all you have to do is swim (sail, if you brought a boat or fly if you brought a helicopter) into one of the holes around the center and wait. Before long, your vehicle will have been submerged. When this happens, you won't have to wait long before things start looking weird. When this happens, go out of your vehicle and swim to the surface as Banjo. If you look at the gear, it should have stopped completely. If you try to go back to your vehicle, you'll find that you can't, because Part 2 of this glitch is that when you came out from the gear, you were under the ground.

Undead glitch[edit]

This glitch is performed in Nutty Acres. Break the top off of any tree, and get it into an open space. Get high enough for suicide and try to land on the side of it, and if performed correctly Banjo will become 'undead'. This glitch allows you to stay underwater for as long as you'd like, but if you get hurt, you'll regain your health and you'll have to do it again.

Explanation: When you hit the side of the tree, it is hard enough to render death, yet you slip off a split second after impact, so the game doesn't have time to launch the "Regain Health" sequence. That results in the health meter not filling back up. This allows you to stay underwater as long as you like. But getting hurt truly empties the meter, so the game goes through the "Regain Health" sequence.

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