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The different types of Gruntbots.
“My Gruntbots are out there causing trouble, smashing those cretinous worlds to rubble!”
Gruntilda, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Gruntbots are the main enemies in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. As their name suggests, they serve as Gruntilda's minions, being built by her in order to make Banjo and Kazooie's quest harder. There are many different types of Gruntbots, each with unique appearances and properties. They come in many different sizes, and can be defeated by getting shot with projectiles and being hit by either Mumbo's Wrench or the duo's vehicle.


Artwork/Concept art Description
Nudger art.jpg
Nudgers attack by slowly rolling at the duo or their vehicle, and can be defeated easily. In some missions, they can be seen piloting planes, boats and cars. While the planes and boats are normally equipped with weapons, the cars often simply ram into their targets.
Bandits, or "Ball Brothers" as Captain Flash McBlubber calls them, are a variant of the Nudgers that are only featured in the Act 4 of the Terrarium of Terror. They can be distinguished by their colors and clothing, as they are orange with a red stripe and wear metal eye patches and black goatees that were apparently drawn with markers.
Rammers attack by jumping in the air and falling into the vehicle, often destroying or severely damaging parts of it. They come in three sizes, and the bigger they are, the more damage they will deal.
Stickers attack by sticking in the duo's vehicle in an attempt to slow it down. They are weak, but it's normally best to avoid them altogether as they can be a nuisance during races.
Suckers attack by sucking the duo and their vehicle in their direction by turning on their fans. If the vehicle lacks Armor or other types of protection, this can cause large ammounts of damage.
Blowers attack by pushing the duo and their vehicle in their opposite way by spinning the fans in the center of their bodies. While not very dangerous, they can make travelling to certain destinations a nuisance, as their attacks can blow the vehicle out of its way. Originally, their name was going to be "Shouter".[citation needed]
Lighteners attack by sticking in the duo's vehicle and attempt to make its weight lighter, consequently making it be lifted off the ground. This can cause ongoing tasks to be delayed, and while they have low health, it is much easier to simply avoid them due to the fact they can be difficult to hit.
Shooters attack by shooting projectiles out of the hole in their face, normally aiming low. Due to the fact they often knock out parts off vehicles, it is recommended to destroy them quickly.
Cutters attack by hovering over the vehicle and trying to pull parts out of it. Once they stick into it, it can be difficult to get them out due to them being quite hard to properly aim at, making it easier to simply avoid them. They only try to pull one part at a time, and when succeeding, they fly back to repeat the process. Originally, their name was going to be "Stealer", but the name was changed after the developers realized they simply removed parts rather than stealing them.[citation needed]
Rusters attack by rusting the duo's vehicle, causing it to get severely slower or completely stop moving. This will gradually damage the entire machine (or only the section it attacked, if there are other portions connected through tow bars). They do, however, explode after some time.
Exploders attack by lighting their fuses up and rolling in the direction of the duo's vehicle to explode with it, doing high ammounts of damage to the part hit and the parts near it. They can come in many sizes, with the explosion's proportions being proportional to them. They can also be used against other enemies, if directed to them, leaving their targets stunned and opened for attacks. Additionally, if they hit an Attention Bomb, it will simply stun rather than exploding it.
Disablers attack by disabling certain parts of the duo's vehicle using electromagnetic pulses. When this is done, however, they will leave themselves and everything around them stunned and opened for attacks.
Floaters attack by sticking themselves to the duo's vehicle and start flashing, eventually exploding themselves and damaging it. They act simillarly to Exploders, but the ammount of damage their explosions deal is much bigger. They can be dangerous due to the fact that removing them from the vehicle can be very difficult, but cannot attack Banjo and Kazooie if they are out of their vehicle.
Bouncers are often seen in races. While not directly attacking, they stay still and act as obstacles, as hitting them launches the vehicle flying away. When their prongs are out, they can't be moved or damaged, so in order to be destroyed they must be shot at with projectiles while in their regular form.
Swallowers can hold various items inside their bodies, usually grabbing the ones that are important to certain challenges, in order to add more difficulty to them. When destroyed, the item within them can be picked up. They can roll as a way to move around.
Scoffers appear only in Act 4 of Nutty Acres, in the "Vac-O-Nuts" challenge. Their role is to consume the coconuts Banjo and Kazooie need to collect for Klungo in order to win the challenge.

Unused Gruntbots[edit]

It is unknown what their role and attacks would've been, and most information about them is simply speculation based off on their names and appearance. Tombstones with their names and concept art can be found in the Mad Monster Mansion exhibit of Banjoland.

Artwork/Concept art Description
Possessors would, based off on their name, have been able to gain control over Banjo and Kazooie's vehicle, attempting to sabotage it during challenges.
Blockers would, based off on their name, have been able to block paths or the duo's vehicles. It can be assumed they would have moved by rolling, due to the size of their limbs. Despite being unused, a Blocker appears in a number of pieces of artwork alongside other Gruntbots that were actually used in the final game.
Droppers would've, based off on their name, either dropped explosives to damage the vehicle or lifted to eventually drop the vehicle from great heights, damaging it with the impact.
Generators would've, based off on its appearance, launched the projectiles inside it to either damage the duo's vehicle or summon ("generate") other enemies from them.
Whirlwinders would've, based off on their name and appearance, either launched vehicles upwards or pushed them downwards (simillarly to Blowers, who launch vehicles to their opposite direction, or Suckers, who push vehicles in their direction).


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