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Showdown Town

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Showdown Town is the hub world and first area of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. It is a large town that L.O.G. transports Banjo, Kazooie, and Gruntilda to when he steps in to settle their feud over Spiral Mountain's ownership. While Banjo and Kazooie are in Showdown Town, L.O.G. only allows them to use the default Trolley MK. vehicle. The trolley is automatically upgraded with more parts as the duo complete Grunty Challenges, making more of the town accessible, although they can access some areas early by building a staircase from crates and climbing them, or by putting an object on their trolley, standing on it, and lifting it with the Mumbo Wrench, essentially causing it to fly.

The area has a few cameos of other Rare games, especially Grabbed by the Ghoulies. A few characters from the game have their own store, including "Mr. Ribs' BBQ Ribs," "Ma Soupswill's Authentic Ice Cream," and "Green Fingers Fiddlesworth Garden Centre." Ghoulhaven Hall is also visible at the peak of Showdown Town. One of the shops has two windows with newspapers showing Conker, Joanna Dark, and Kameo.

Like the Jinjo Village from Banjo-Tooie, Showdown Town also has housing for the different Jinjo variants. Furthermore, Showdown Town also has a verse of the Jinjo Village theme.


Town Square[edit]

The Town Square is the main, central area of Showdown Town. It contains Mumbo's Motors, the Jiggy Bank, the Nutty Acres game world doors, Humba Wumba's shop, Bottles' Tourist Information Kiosk, and L.O.G.'s Video Game Factory. It is also where the portal to Spiral Mountain is located, and it towers over the rest of the town, in the center of a hill. Gruntilda and Piddles also hang out in the area. This is where the Act Doors to Nutty Acres and the downloadable L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges are located, the latter behind behind Mumbo's Motors.

Theater District[edit]

The Theater District is the lowest part of Showdown Town. For the most part, Theater District is a narrow area surrounded by very tall buildings. There are headless statues which appear to be holding out a Mumbo skull. This is also where the Act Doors to LOGBOX 720 are located, in an area painted to look forested.


The Lakeshore is an area with a large lake, Trophy Thomas's home, and a boathouse featuring the Act Doors to Banjoland. It is directly adjacent to the Uptown and is above Town Square. Trophy Thomas is found in his house, and Banjo and Kazooie can talk to him to go directly to missions.


The Docks, as its name suggests, is where the docks are located. It is a large area with many ships and cranes, a construction site with the Act Doors to Jiggoseum, Boggy's Gym, and the Police Station. A verse of Rusty Bucket Bay is heard in this area.


The Seaside is just on the ocean shore, as its name suggests. This area contains the pier, Klungo's Arcade, King Jingaling's Bingo Palace, a lighthouse, and a small island just offshore. Jolly Dodger can be found here, pawning his dubiously-obtained Jiggies. It is also where the Saucer of Peril is located.


The Uptown is the upper area of the Seaside. It has an elevated, closed-off neighborhood populated by the richer denizens of Showdown Town. Banjo and Kazooie can access Terrarium of Terror's Act Doors from here. Captain Blubber is found just outside the main Uptown area, covered in dirt after crashing the Saucer of Peril in the Seaside. Banjo and Kazooie can buy a Trapdoor Tower combination from him.

Main areas[edit]

  • Jiggy Bank - This is where Banjo and Kazooie must bring Jiggies from the Jig-o-Vends to. It is located in the Town Square.
  • Mumbo's Motors - Vehicles can be built, edited, painted, and tested here. It is located in the Town Square.
  • Tourist Information Kiosk - Where Banjo and Kazooie can learn pieces of information from Bottles. It is located near the Town Square.
  • Humba Wumba's Shop - Banjo and Kazooie can buy blueprints and vehicle parts here. It is located in the Town Square.
  • L.O.G.'s Video Game Factory - A company owned by L.O.G., the Videogame Factory is located in the Town Square.
  • Boggy's Gym - Banjo and Kazooie can upgrade their speed, strength and damage resistance here. It is located at the Docks.
  • Police Station - It is where Pikelet is located, and Banjo and Kazooie can bribe him to keep the police off the streets. It is located at the Docks.
  • Klungo's Arcade - This is where Banjo and Kazooie can play "Hero Klungo Sssavesss teh World" to earn Musical Notes. It is located at the Seaside.
  • Bingo Palace - This is where Banjo and Kazooie can play Jinjo Bingo to earn Musical Notes and vehicle parts. It is located at the Seaside.



Showdown Town has a total of ten Jiggys. Five of them can be purchased from Jolly Dodger. Although each of them have a unique name, they are indifferent from other Jiggies.

  1. Mysterious Glow: Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 25 Notes.
  2. Big Banker: Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 50 Notes.
  3. Mr. Jiggywiggy: Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 75 Notes.
  4. Puzzling Wonder: Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 100 Notes.
  5. Jiggytastic: Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 125 Notes.

The five other Jiggies are each obtained by activating one of the Jiggy Tamper Switches, which adds a Jiggy into the Jiggy Bank. The switches only activates if Banjo and Kazooie earn at least one Jiggy before using them.

  1. On top of the Lord of Games' Video Game Factory.
  2. In the water beneath Klungo's Arcade.
  3. In a cave beneath the lighthouse on the Seaside.
  4. In an underwater tunnel beneath the hill with L.O.G.'s factory. It can be accessed from an underwater tunnel on the bottom of the hill that will open once the trolley is equipped with the Scuba Seat.
  5. On a small balcony in the Uptown district. To get it, Banjo must climb a wire to the top of the buildings and down another from the other side of the building.

Mumbo Crates[edit]

  1. Gained in the vehicle building tutorial. Contents: Standard Seat, Standard Wheel (x4), Small Engine, Small Fuel, Tray, Small Taxi Seat (x2), Small Ammo, Light Cube (x50), Light Wedge (x50), Light Corner (x50), Light Pole (x50), Light L-Pole (x50), Light T-Pole (x50), Light Panel (x50), Light L-Panel (x50), Light T-Panel (x50)
  2. Behind Mumbo's Motors, on the right when looking at it from the front. Contents: Light Cube (x50), Light Wedge (x50), Light Corner (x50), Light Pole (x50), Light L-Pole (x50), Light T-Pole (x50), Light Panel (x50), Light L-Panel (x50), Light T-Panel (x50)
  3. Beneath a glass overhang to the right of Bottles in the Showdown Town Square. Contents: Egg Gun
  4. To the left of Mumbo's Motors in the Showdown Town Square, when facing it from the front. Contents: Fulgore's Fist
  5. Directly to the left of Humba Wumba in the Showdown Town Square. Contents: Standard Wheel (x4), Small Fuel
  6. On top of Mumbo's Motors. Contents: Aerial
  7. On top of the statue in front of the entry to LOGBOX 720. Contents: Bumper (x4)
  8. When in front of the entry to LOGBOX 720, the crate is on a wooden board on the right. Contents: Small Ammo, Small Engine
  9. At the very top of L.O.G.'s factory. Contents: Cruisin' Light (x2), Plant Pot, Spirit of Pants, Windscreen (x2)
  10. When the player stands in the Showdown Town Square, a castle and a mostly ruined archway can be seen to the left of L.O.G.'s factory. Atop the archway is a crate. Contents: Large Taxi Seat (x2)
  11. Contents: High Grip Wheel (x4), Tray
  12. Contents: Standard Wing (x2)
  13. Contents: Sinker (x2), Fulgore's Fist
  14. Contents: Spotlight (x2)
  15. Contents: Spec-o-Spy
  16. Contents: Tow Bar (x4)
  17. Contents: Balloon (x6)
  18. Contents: Freezeezy
  19. Contents: Gyroscope
  20. Contents: Egg Turret, Balloon (x6)
  21. Contents: Sail (x2), Floater (x4)
  22. Contents: Medium Fuel, Heavy Cube (x50), Heavy Wedge (x50), Heavy Corner (x50), Heavy Pole (x50), Heavy L-Pole (x50), Heavy T-Pole (x50), Heavy Panel (x50), Heavy L-Panel (x50), Heavy T-Panel (x50)
  23. Contents: Medium Engine, Small Propellor (x2), Large Tray
  24. Contents: Detacher (x2), Small Taxi Seat (x2)
  25. Contents: Armor (x16), Small Engine
  26. Contents: Ejector Seat, Boot-In-A-Box
  27. Contents: Liquid Squirter, Spoiler
  28. Contents: Self-Destruct
  29. Contents: Egg Turret, Light Cube (x50), Light Wedge (x50), Light Corner (x50), Light Pole (x50), Light L-Pole (x50), Light T-Pole (x50), Light Panel (x50), Light L-Panel (x50), Light T-Panel (x50)
  30. Contents: Medium Engine, Medium Ammo, Heavy Cube (x50), Heavy Wedge (x50), Heavy Corner (x50), Heavy Pole (x50), Heavy L-Pole (x50), Heavy T-Pole (x50), Heavy Panel (x50), Heavy L-Panel (x50), Heavy T-Panel (x50)
  31. Contents: Suck-n-Blow, Small Fuel
  32. Contents: Weldar's Breath, Standard Wheel (x4), Bumper x4
  33. Contents: Sticky Balls (x2), Small Ammo
  34. Contents: Small Propellor (x6), Sail (x2), Floater (x4)
  35. Contents: Grenade Gun (x2)
  36. Contents: Folding Wing (x2)
  37. Contents: Box, Egg Gun (x3)
  38. Contents: Vacuum, Spring (x3)
  39. Contents: Grenade Gun (x3), Spoiler (x4), Spotlight (x3), Rust Bin
  40. Contents: Large Engine, Large Fuel, Large Propellor (x2), Standard Wing (x2)
  41. Contents: Foldy Propellor (x2), Medium Fuel, Freezeezy
  42. Contents: Grenade Turret, High Grip Wheel (x4), Large Ammo, Armor (x16)
  43. Contents: Small Jet, Medium Ammo, Sinker (x2)
  44. Contents: Small Jet (x2), Grenade Turret, Foldy Propellor (x2)
  45. Contents: Large Jet, Torpedile, Spring (x4)
  46. Contents: Large Propellor (x2), Large Box, Large Engine
  47. Contents: Large Jet (x2), Large Fuel, Large Ammo, Laser
  48. Contents: Super Cube (x50), Super Wedge (x50), Super Corner (x50), Super Pole (x50), Super L-Pole (x50), Super T-Pole (x50), Super Panel (x50), Super L-Panel (x50), Super T-Panel (x50)
  49. Contents: Super Wheel (x8)
  50. Contents: Super Seat, Super Fuel (x2)
  51. Contents: Super Engine, Super Ammo (x2)

Stop n Swop Crates[edit]

  • Cyan Egg Crate Contents: Mole-On-A-Pole
  • Pink Egg Crate Contents: Fluffy Dice
  • Blue Egg Crate Contents: Roysten the Goldfish in his bowl
  • Green Egg Crate Contents: Beacon
  • Red Egg Crate Contents: Disco Ball
  • Yellow Egg Crate Contents: Googly Eyes
  • Ice Key Crate Contents: Flag (x2)


Showdown Town has many buildings, although most of them serve no purpose. Several are named after a character, and some are named after a character from another Rare game.

  • Big Al Burgers
  • Blackeye's Boat Hire
  • Boggy's Gym
  • Coffitup
  • Delicious Dishes
  • Fanny Franker's
  • Fools Jewels
  • Green Fingers Fiddlesworth Garden Centre
  • James Train Shop
  • Jolly Roger Lodger
  • Kazino
  • King Jingaling's Bingo Palace
  • Klungo's Arcade
  • Lardo's Pizza
  • Lord of Games's Video Game Factory
  • Ma Soupswill's Authentic Ice Cream
  • Merry Maggie's Baggies
  • Mr. Ribs' BBQ Ribs
  • Mumbo's Motors
  • Pay n' Play
  • Polly's Driving School
  • Royston's[sic] Chippy
  • Salty Joe's Fish & Chips
  • Sav's Mad Hattery
  • Showdown Town Police Station
  • The Bread Basket
  • The Daily LOG
  • The Embo Night Spot
  • The Fak Fak
  • The Myserious Madame Palm
  • Tooty Fruity
  • Trophy Thomas's house
  • Ye Olde Empty Kettle


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Duelville ChallengeTown
Japanese ドタンバたうん Showdown Town
Spanish Ciudad Duelo Showdown Town


  • According to Steve Mayles, Showdown Town's design was largely influenced by the coastal towns of Tenby in west Wales, United Kingdom and Saint Malo in Brittany, on the north coast of France.[1]
  • During the "12 Questions of Christmas" thread on The Rare Witch Project Forums, where developer Gregg Mayles answered fan questions about the game as a 2007 Christmas treat, he answered a question about the game's hub world, stating: "You've seen Grunty's Lair and Isle o' Hags, now get ready for "Conflagration Violent."[2] It is possible that "Conflagration Violent" is an anagram for "Confrontation Village," which is synonym for "Showdown Town" itself.