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“Alert! Intruders detected! Activate the Tintops...”
Loudspeaker, Banjo-Tooie

The loudspeaker is a character in Banjo-Tooie.


The loudspeaker speaks to Banjo and Kazooie throughout Grunty Industries. It detects the duo as intruders and speaks if they approach a certain area or perform a certain action. The loudspeaker is also the announcer for the Twinkly Packing Challenge and Clinker's Cavern.


  • "Alert! Intruders detected! Activate the Tintops...
  • "Access denied! Door has insufficient power to open. Battery required!
  • "Access denied! The service elevator can only be used by mechanical personnel only."
  • "Additional battery power channeled to door. Access is now granted."
  • "Intruder in the trash compactor! Cleanup droids report to Floor 1."
  • "Mechanical personnel may not use the warp pads. Use the service elevator instead!"
  • "Attention! The Clinkers are invading the system and are blocking the vents. Neutralize them all before the air becomes toxic."
  • "Sensors indicate that the toxic levels are now unacceptable! All personnel make their way to the exit!"
  • "Sensors indicate Clinker threat has been neutralized. A cleanup bonus will be awarded..."
  • "Extractor fan not required."
  • "Toxic gas alert! All personnel evacuate and activate extractor fans!"
  • "Initiate detoxifying sequence...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...It is now safe to re-enter."
  • "Access Granted. You may enter."
  • "Access Denied! Door can be accessed by mechanical personnel only."
  • "Belt crusher malfunction! Initialize auto-fixing program. Crusher will be reactivated in 45 seconds."
  • "The wall crusher has now been switched off."
  • "Magnet malfunction! Auto-fixing program initiated. Magnet will be reactivated in 90 seconds."
  • "Intruder alert! Backup required to defend Grunty's treasure!"
  • "Ulp..Intruder has defeated the tintops. Grunty's treasure has been lost..."