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Hoop Hurry Challenge

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Kazooie playing the Hoop Hurry Challenge.

The Hoop Hurry Challenge is a mini-game in Banjo-Tooie.

Location and rules[edit]

Hoop Hurry Challenge is played inside of the Crazy Castle of Witchyworld. It can be played as Kazooie after the attraction is inflated, and its objective is to jump through 60 points worth of colored hoops in under 60 seconds. Red hoops are worth 1 point, green ones are worth 2 points and blue ones are worth 3 points. If the challenge is successfully completed, Gruntilda rewards Kazooie with a Jiggy which appears on top of the castle and can only be reached by using a Shock Jump Pad.

The Hoop Hurry Challenge can be, similarly to the Twinkly Packing Challenge, made much easier by using the Turbo Trainers provided in the room.