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Bang Box

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Bang Boxes are enemies appearing in Glitter Gulch Mine of Banjo-Tooie. When Banjo and Kazooie get close, a Bang Box will immediately open itself up and start lobbing sticks of dynamite at them. These baddies are somewhat more stable than some other explosive enemies such as Shrapnel and Boom Box, so merely touching one will not cause it to explode. However, a direct attack will be more than enough to set it off, costing the bear and bird two honeycombs if they get caught in the blast.

Bang Boxes can be safely detonated from a distance with eggs, but they have practically no mobility and can often simply be avoided. It is interesting to note that if you stand directly on top of one, it will continue lobbing dynamite, but it will be unable to hit you while doing so. Most of the time, they take two hits.