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Split-Up Pad

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Split-Up Pads.png

Split-up Pads are the key for Banjo and Kazooie to split up in Banjo-Tooie. Stand on the Banjo pad and press A Button to control Banjo, and press A Button again while still standing on it to switch to Kazooie. Sets of pads can usually be found nearby puzzles which require the use of a certain character, or at least along a route which that character can travel by themselves. Many worlds have multiple sets of pads, and you can switch between characters even when using totally different sets. There are also spots of floating colors that are only seen while split-up, where you may switch from one character to another. Sparkling fields over pre-set areas (usually switches) that sparkle blue, red, and yellow, allow the character to trade places while not standing on a split-up pad. the only worlds split up pads can't be found is Mayahem Temple, Spiral Mountain.


  • On the rim of the Banjo pad, it reads "Gu-huh", and on the Kazooie pad, it reads "Breee", referring to what Banjo and Kazooie mainly say.
  • If one character tries to leave the current world, the other will tell him/her not to leave without him/her. In the Isle O'Hags however, if Banjo or Kazooie split-up and try to get to a different area within the hub world, their partner with still tell them not to leave without them as if they're trying to access a different level. This even happens when trying to enter Honey B's hive. This could be due to the fact that only Banjo and Kazooie together can go through the different areas in the Isle O'Hags with the exception of Mumbo who can exit his skull in Isle O'Hags, but will not go to the Plateau, claiming he would get stuck there.