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Dragundas[1] are large green monsters that munch on trespassers in the quicksand swamps of Mayahem Temple and Terrydactyland, and the polluted waters around Grunty Industries and the Quagmire in the Isle o' Hags. They only appear in Banjo-Tooie.

One false step from Banjo into these nasty creatures' habitats will either send him flying out of the dangerous waters or cause him to be continuously bitten until he jumps out of their waters.

Unfortunately, Kazooie's Wonderwing does not protect against Dragundas. However, the Wading Boots will allow the bear and bird to safely pass through without fear of being chomped upon.

If a Dragunda bites Banjo and Kazooie on their last honeycomb, they will be pulled under and hear the creature's evil laugh before dying.


  • Although you won't take any damage from Dragundas while using the Wonderwing, they will still spit Banjo and Kazooie out of their waters, making it difficult to effectively use this ability.
  • The Dragundas in Terrydactyland can sometimes be avoided by slowly walking at the very shallow edges of the quicksand pools, but this is also difficult to pull off.
  • When walking in polluted water in Grunty Industries, Dragundas can readily be avoided by walking right along the walls or boundaries.
  • The name "Dragunda" comes from the term "drag under," cleverly referencing his attack.
  • Dragunda highly resembles a Venus Flytrap.
  • If you are in a certain transformation, Dragundas will not pop up.


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