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Dragundas[1] are an enemy in Banjo-Tooie.


Dragundas are large green monsters appearing in the quicksand zones of Mayahem Temple, Terrydactyland, and Grunty Industries, as well as the Quagmire section of the Isle o' Hags, where they munch on all trespassers into their swamps. They also appear inside Grunty Industries in an acid pool on the second floor as well as in the Air Conditioning Plant in the basement.

In Mayahem Temple, Banjo and Kazooie cannot cross the quicksand at all without the Wading Boots. If they attempt to do so, the Dragunda will fling them back onto solid ground. Not even a Stony can cross. In all other areas, the Dragundas will merely damage the bear and bird; they will continuously bite the due until they jumps out of their waters, or die. The Wonderwing does not protect against Dragundas.

The Golden Goliath, Daddy T-Rex Banjo, and Washer Banjo are immune to Dragundas, but Baby T-Rex Banjo is not.

If a Dragunda bites Banjo and Kazooie on their last honeycomb, they will be pulled under and hear the creature's evil laugh before dying.

Name origin[edit]

Their names are likely a pun on "drag under," referring to their primary behavior.


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