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Bottles' House

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Bottles' House is a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Bottles' House is the home of Bottles, his wife, and their two children, Goggles and Speccy. The place is accessed from Jinjo Village, across from the entrance to King Jingaling's Throne Room. The duo can optionally obtain the Amaze O' Gaze Glasses in Bottles' House. Once Banjo and Kazooie have completed the Tower of Tragedy Quiz, they cannot access Bottles' House because of an ongoing party in there. Consequently, if the duo have not obtained the Amaze O' Gaze Glasses, they cannot go back inside to obtain it. Speccy's bedroom is to the right of Bottles' House. It has a poster of Vela from Jet Force Gemini on the wall. It also has a small tunnel that connects to Wooded Hollow, which can be opened after paying King Jingaling a visit.