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Beak Bayonet

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“Another use for the feathered freak, makes good use of her pointy beak! The bad guys know that it's no joke, just press B Button to give 'em a poke!”
Jamjars, Banjo-Tooie

The Beak Bayonet is a move in Banjo-Tooie, as well as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The move allows Banjo to use Kazooie as a meelee weapon, rearing her head back and lunging her forward to hit enemies. Jamjars teaches Banjo and Kazooie how to use the Beak Bayonet in Glitter Gulch Mine if they have at least 95 Musical Notes, being performed by pressing B Button in the first-person segments. It is the only way to safely disable the TNT Sticks during the Ordnance Storage Challenge. During the battle against Gruntilda's Hag 1, the Beak Bayonet is used although it is not necessary to beat the game as it does not detect if the move was learned.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Beak Bayonet is the duo's forward tilt attack, although they do not charge forward with it. Also, Banjo does not enter Breegull Blaster mode, and puts Kazooie away after the attack.