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Saucer of Peril Ride

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The Saucer of Peril Ride is a minigame that becomes available in Witchyworld after freeing then restoring power to the Saucer of Peril.


In this on-rails minigame, the player rides on the Saucer of Peril and is given unlimited Golden Eggs to fire at red, green, and blue targets for points: red gives 1 point, green gives 2 points, and blue gives 3.

The Saucer first flies them in the area in front of the Star Spinner, then flies in there. After leaving it, the Saucer briefly tours the hub area of Witchyworld, going over Mr. Patch's tent and in front of the entrance of The Inferno before flying around Crazy Castle. After exiting that area, the Saucer again briefly flies around Witchyworld before finally landing in the Area 51 section.

Achieving 400 points awards a Cheato Page, while earning 500 awards a Jiggy.