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Clinkers are an enemy in Banjo-Tooie.


Clinkers are large, brown grime creatures appearing only in the sewers of Clinker's Cavern in Grunty Industries. In the area, Banjo and Kazooie must defeat 20 Clinkers within 200 seconds, before the Clinkers intoxicate the air. Several Clinkers are located in out-of-sight areas. They can still be defeated even after the time runs out, although the toxic air causes Banjo and Kazooie to lose health.

If Banjo inputs the cheat "HONEYKING" in the Code Room of Mayahem Temple, the Clinkers cannot harm him, even after the air becomes green and intoxicated.

Name origin[edit]

Clinkers are named after "clinker," a British slang term referring to a deposit of rust and grime that grows on metallic surfaces. However, the farting sounds made by Clinkers and their appearance in the sewers suggests they are composed of feces.