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Colosseum Kickball Tournament

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The colosseum

The Colosseum Kickball Tournament is an event and a mini-game in Banjo-Tooie.

Location and rules[edit]

The Colosseum Kickball Tournament takes place at the Fire Side of Hailfire Peaks. Banjo and Kazooie can only participate while transformed into a Stony, as only that way they can understand the other Stonies.

During the matches, unlike in the Mayan Kickball Tournament, Stony Banjo must score lower than Wak, Hak and Krop in 75 seconds by kicking red balls into his own goal. Winning all three matches awards the duo with a Jiggy. In the quarter-finals, yellow balls (worth 2 points), red balls (worth -1 points) and bombs (which aren't worth any points and simply explode, stunning nearby players for around 3 seconds) appear, in the semi-finals, yellow balls, red balls, flashing red balls (worth -2 points) and bombs appear and in the finals yellow balls, flashing yellow balls (worth 4 points), red balls, flashing red balls and bombs appear.