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Colosseum Kickball Tournament

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The tournament occurs within the Kickball Colosseum

The Colosseum Kickball Tournament is an event that takes place in the Kickball Colosseum of Hailfire Peaks. It can be accessed by entering through the door that leads to Mayahem Temple.


Stony Banjo can participate in the Colosseum Kickball Tournament. In the minigame, he must have the lowest score after 75 seconds has passed. To score points on computers, Stony Banjo must kick Yellow Balls into the computers' goal. To lower his own score Stony Banjo must kick Red Balls into his own goal. However, there are different types of balls for each of the three matches, and the computer A.I. is higher than the Mayan Kickball Tournament. After beating all three matches, Stony Banjo is rewarded a Jiggy.

  • Quarter-Finals: In the Quarter-Final match, Yellow Balls, Red Balls, and Bombs appear. As always, Yellow Balls score +2, Reds score -1, and Bombs stun Stonies they get kicked into.
  • Semi-final: In the Semi-Final match, Yellow Balls, Red Balls, and Bombs appear. The balls score the same as before, while Red Balls that are flashing are worth -2. Everyone starts with a score of 50 in this round.
  • Finals: In the Final match, Yellow Balls, Red Balls, and Bombs appear. Balls score the same as usual, including flashing Reds that are worth -2 and flashing Yellows that score +4.